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Aug 10, 2013
So whilst there in October we went and asked questions regarding DVC, also asked how buying direct differed from resale as they could only offer AKV out of the older resorts.

We were told that a resale would prevent us from staying anywhere other than our home resort, however I thought you could book elsewhere at the 7 months window?

Also we were told Disney buys back all resales as they can make such a healthy profit, so its very unlikely we could buy a resale! Any one been successful with buying resales lately?

What are the differences in buying direct and resale? I read that its not worth using the points for cruises anyway? My understanding is that we couldn't use points on the resorts that are within the Dream destinations brochure we were given.Can you only use the points to rent at Disney Florida?

In the points chart book I was given I noticed, under Disney collection the port Orleans resort came up, does this mean you can rent rooms at resorts that are not Vacation clubs?

I understand to a degree that you can bank points for another year or borrow points, could someone explain this more fully, like time scales deadlines etc?
If I were to buy a resale in 2015 for example and there were no points available until April 2016, would we be able to borrow the points from 2016 for a stay in late 2015?

Do the points required to stay at each resort change from year to year, or are the numbers I see now in the points chart set in stone?

Could someone explain closing costs, how they are calculated? What other costs would I incur when purchasing a resale on top of the cost per point?

If we continued to vacation in October, should I avoid any contracts starting certain months?

I understand that house keeping is different in DVC property, how does this differ? can you still use Disney magical express from the airport, get free parking on disney property? what are the perks?

Being from the UK, we would go either once a year or every two years, so I am thinking that buying the 14 day park tickets here is still the cheapest option. If we decided not to go one year or had left over points how much could we rent them out for?

Sorry for all the questions, but I want to make sure I understand everything fully before making any decisions.

Thanking you all in advance!

Shelly F - Ohio

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Feb 22, 2004
Resales are limited to only being able to book at DVC resorts. You can not use the points for a cruise, RCI, or at any other Disney resort such as POR, CSR, CBR ect

You can book your home resort AKA the resort that you have purchased your DVC at, at 11months out and all other resorts you can book starting 7 months from your arrival date.

As for housekeeping. You only get housekeeping ever 4th day of your stay unless you pay for daily service.

Rental points usually get $13-$15 a point

You also have to pay a maintenance fee depending on the resort it could be $4.50 to 6.10 per point and this is a yearly fee.

Yes the points per night tend you change year to year. 2014 and 2015 stayed the same.


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Aug 4, 2004
If we continued to vacation in October, should I avoid any contracts starting certain months?
One point to consider, if you needed to cancel an October reservation you might want the ability to be able to still use those points later within that USE YEAR or to be able to bank those points into the following USE YEAR.

A USE YEAR starts on either one of eight months, either February, March, April, June, August, September, October, or December.

Lets say you had chosen a December USE YEAR contact so those points can be used between 1st December and 31st November and as for banking those points into the next USE YEAR that would need to be done by 30th June as you can only bank your points during the first 8 months of your USE YEAR.

Therefore if you had an October reservation which needed to be cancelled in July or later then those points would have to stay in the current USE YEAR and be used by 31st November or lost.

A June USE YEAR would give you until 31st January to bank while an August USE YEAR would give you until 31st March.

Check out the FAQ's on http://www.dvc-resales.com/faq.htm

And their Resale listing at http://www.dvc-resales.com/dvclisting.cfm

If we decided not to go one year or had left over points how much could we rent them out for?
If renting is a possibility and you want less hassle then renting through a third party like at David's Vacation Club Rentals at http://www.dvcrequest.com/dvc-members.asp#cube is well worth considering especially if you have points at either Bay Lake Towers, Beach Club Villas, Boardwalk Villas, Wilderness Lodge, Grand Floridian Hotel, Grand Californian Hotel and Aulani Resort as those attract a $2.00 premium on top of the $11.00 per point rental, so $13.00.

Whereas at Hilton Head, Vero Beach, Saratoga Springs, Old Key West and Animal Kingdom you'll only receive $11.00 per point.

Well worth reading the various pages on David's rentals.


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