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Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by sm4987, Apr 23, 2005.

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    Sep 4, 2002
    We are going do Disneyland this summer. However I would love to have some Disneyland music before I go. Does anyone know of a website where I can buy some, or the number to Disney so that I can??? :confused3
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    Oct 17, 2004
    You can listen online at visionsfantastic.com or live365.com (you'll have to search for disneyland)

    I'd search ebay for the "Official Disneyland Album"
    I have it and love it, but I did buy it in the park. I think it's discontinued and they'll be coming out with a new one for the 50th, but you should still be able to find it on ebay.

    I know Mouseshoppe.com has it too, but they are pretty expensive.
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    Dec 26, 2002
    If you have some money to spend then wait until Tuesday and order A MUSICAL HISTORY OF DISNEYLAND from disneydirect.com (formerly disneystore.com). It is a set of 6 CD's with just about every Disneyland song you could think of. But it does come with a price tag of $125. The first 5000 sold also come with a "gold" Vinyl LP of the very first record that Walt released for Disneyland.I plan to order first thing Tuesday, or Monday night if it will allow me.

    If you are interested below is the Song Listing.


    DISC ONE (1:19:51)
    1. Walt Disney’s Dedication of Disneyland (July 17th, 1955)
    2. All Aboard – Main Street Station
    3. Minnie’s Yoo Hoo! (Saxophone Quartet) – Main Street
    4. Meet Me Down on Main Street (The Melomen) – Main Street
    * The Sounds of the Main Street Fire Truck
    5. Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln – Main Street Opera House
    6. Disney Medley (Disneyland Band) – Main Street
    * The Sounds of Main Street’s Horse-drawn Carriage
    7. Alexander’s Ragtime Band (Rod Miller) – Coke Corner
    8. Let’s Dance at Disneyland (The Elliott Brothers) – Plaza Gardens
    * The Sounds of Adventureland
    9. Tiki Room Barker Bird – Adventureland Entrance
    10. The Enchanted Tiki Room Garden Show – The Enchanted Tiki Room
    11. Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room
    * The Sounds of the Jungle Cruise
    12. Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye
    * The Sounds of the Jungle
    13. Swisskapolka – Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
    14. Tarzan’s Treehouse – Tarzan’s Treehouse
    * The Sounds of the Mark Twain River Boat
    15. The Mark Twain Riverboat
    16. Pirates of the Caribbean
    17. Feed the Birds – Club 33
    18. Love Is a Song – The Disney Gallery
    19. Frontierland Station

    DISC TWO (1:13:33)
    1. Happy Rag – New Orleans Square
    2. The Haunted Mansion
    3. Rufus – Bear Country
    4. Bearless Love – Bear Country
    5. Country Bear Jamboree
    6. All I Want – Critter Country
    * The Sounds of Splash Mountain
    7. Splash Mountain
    8. Country Bear Vacation Hoedown
    9. The Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down – Critter Country
    10. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

    DISC THREE (1:13:28)
    1. Battle Cry of Freedom – The Blockade House
    2. A Cowboy Needs a Horse – Frontierland
    3. Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland and the Rainbow Caverns
    4. All Aboard the Mine Train – Frontierland
    5. The Golden Horseshoe Revue
    6. The Columbia Sailing Ship
    7. When You Wish Upon a Star – Sleeping Beauty Castle
    8. Once Upon a Dream – King Arthur’s Carousel
    9. Fantasyland Darkride Suite – Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Mr. Toad, Alice in Wonderland
    10. Matterhorn Yodelers – The Matterhorn Bobsleds
    * The Sounds of the Matterhorn

    DISC FOUR (1:19:32)
    1. It’s a Small World
    2. The Sound of Toons – Toontown
    3. Steamboat Willie – Toontown
    4. Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin
    5. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Medley – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Exhibit
    6. Amercia the Beautiful – CircleVision
    * Sounds of the Monorail
    7. The Monorail Song – Disneyland Monorail
    8. Adventure Thru Inner-Space
    9. Miracles from Molecules – Adventure Thru Inner-Space
    10. Star Tours
    11. The Carousel of Progress
    12. Progress City

    DISC FIVE (1:15:35)
    1. Nation on Wheels – The Peoplemover
    2. Flight to the Moon
    3. America Sings
    * The Sounds of the Autopia
    4. Submarine Voyage Thru Liquid Space
    * The Sounds of Space Mountain
    5. Space Mountain
    * The Sounds of the Astro-Blasters
    6. Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters
    7. Space Mountain (New Daytime Track)
    8. Remember Dreams Come True – Fireworks Spectacular
    9. Closing

    DISC SIX (1:19:51)
    1. Country Bear Holiday Show
    2. It’s a Small World Holiday
    3. Haunted Mansion Holiday (Premiere Edition)
    4. The Main Street Electrical Parade
    5. Fantasmic!

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