Looking for camping in CT


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Apr 27, 2000
HI I thought you guys might know of some neat places to camp in the state of CT. We are trying to find a half way point or reasonable driving to meet friends of ours who live in Mystic Ct We live outside of Philly close to the Delaware boarder. We would like to find something between the two of us or at least where we each only have to drive about 3 hours. Any ideas?

Have you thought about coming all the way to Mystic to meet your friends ???? It is a wonderful place, and happens to be the number 1 tourist destination in CT. The Old Mystic Seaport is great, along with the Mystic Seaquarium, and the old Mystic Village is Wonderful to walk through. We live in Avon, 2 towns west of Hartford, but we have a boat that we keep in Essex that we take over to mYstic once a year, sometimes twice. My kids love it. We have also had friends who retired to Mystic too.


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