Loews First card a no-go at HRH


Earning My Ears
Feb 23, 2001
I just got off the phone with Loews Reserations customer service (1-800-23-LOEWS). I wanted to give them my LOEWS FIRST card number for my reservation at HRH next week. I was told that since HRH is not a "business hotel" I cannot get a room upgrade OR a welcome gift. But I could get the 500 airline miles from AA. This must be some new policy because I've read a lot of good things from people who used their Loews cards at Hard Rock Hotel. I also tried calling the hotel directly to give them my card number, but they told me to call the Loews number...
The reservationist put my number in my ressie about a week ago.

I guess I'll see in about a month

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I just call a couple of days ago to give my number and she confirmed all my request (cookies and milk, local paper etc) never said anything about not getting them

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When we stayed there in the beginning of February, we received our welcome gift. We had to call down and ask for it, but we did get it along with a nice bar of white chocolate with a picture of the hotel on it.

I had the same problem when I called Universal. Call Loews directly and they will add your Loews First number and welcome gift request to your ressie. We had cookies and milk during our visit this month. But the cookies were terrible. We also got an upgrade.

Good luck.
We stayed March 3 and 4 and did NOT receive any Lowes benefits. Requested an upgrade and was told none were available and did not find the exclusive Lowes check-in line and did not get a welcome gift even though I gave them my Lowes membership #. I was pleased with the hotel, so figured the front of line benefit was worth more than cookies and milk :D
Can I ask any of you who have gotten your Loews benefits, have you used any kind of room discount, (entertainement card, etc.) or did you pay regular rack rate for your room. Seems like when they first opened, everyone was getting the perks, and now it seems they are getting more selective. I know when I made my reservation thru loews, and I got an entertainment rate of 129 (143. w/tax), they would not even take my loews numbers as they told me I could not get any of the benefits with the entertainment rate.
Guess it will be the luck of the irish!

I used the entertainment card to get a rate of $149.50 for a deluxe room. I made the reservation in February for March 1 - 4. I called Loews at the end of Feb and asked them to add my Loews First number to the ressie. They did. i asked them to make a note requesting cookies and milk on my ressie as my perc, they did. I asked them to ensure I was credited with 500 frequent flyer miles, they did.

The guys at check in were very familiar with the Loews First Club. I was upgraded to standard club room. That room was too small, and because they had no deluxe rooms available they upgraded me to a kidsuite.

I have friends who stayed at the PBH earlier this month. They also received the upgrade.

Clearly the program is not working perfectly, but I think the thing to do is book the room that would satisfy you. If you get an upgrade-great, but if you don't it doesn't have to ruin your trip. FOTL makes any room on-site an upgrade if you ask me. Good luck!
Stayed at HRH from 3/8-3/12 and originally booked 3 rooms for garden view at $149, calling hotel direct. After reading these boards, called back and got entertainment rate of $117 and signed up with Loew's first for any upgrade. Upgraded 3 rooms at checkin from garden to pool view but told that welcome baskets were good for rack rate customers only. Called from the room for our welcome baskets and they were delivered soon after. Each room had preordered different items (milk/cookies, white wine, fruit). I thought the fruit basket was the best and lasted for 2 days with my family. We also had a suite upgrade card from loews but none were available. Hotel was sold out during our stay.

We loved the hotel, convenience to USF/IOA and especially FOTL. Really makes the difference, especially compared to fastpass when we visited WDW. :cool: ;) :cool:
We went in Feb. We had 3 pool view rooms, and rates of 139, and then 160 on weekend using the FAN club card. We also used our Loews card. Our room was upgraded to a deluxe room, was nice,but next time we'll keep the pool view. I was able to sign up everyone for the Loews card, so we had wine/paper, another room had the cookies, and my mother-in-law had fruit. I talked to the manager, and he said while it is a Loews Hotel, In the first few months they are pushing the Hard Rock Hotel side of it more, and some of the workers are not too familiar with the Loews part yet. I would ask to talk to a supervisor if you couldn't get any of the Loews perks.


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