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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by Purplejewel, Dec 10, 2012.

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    Hello :) I just saw some Navigators from a Eastern Carribbean Cruise (with San Juan as a port) that someone posted and I noticed that there did not seem to be a live band playing in the adult nightclub on that cruise. Does anyone know if any of the 7-night cruises on the Fantasy have had a live band? My husband and I have been on four previous 7-night cruises (1 on the Dream, 2 on the Wonder and 1 on the Magic) and 2 of the 4 cruises had live bands. We really enjoyed our cruises that had the live bands because it made going to the nightclub in the evening so much more enjoyable. I can hear D.J. type music anytime. Getting to watch and listen to a live band is so much more entertaining. If anyone can confirm or not whether the Fantasy every has live bands, I would be very appreciative. My husband and I are going on a 7-night Eastern Caribbean Cruise (with San Juan as a port) in February and we would love to be able to anticipate hearing a live band on that cruise. Thanks!
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    We were on the Fantasy on 11/24 and there was no live band. We also love the live bands. What they had was 2 different duos that played all over the ship. Then a man who played a guitar and sang all over the ship. Plus they had someone who played the Piano in the Atrium. Thats all I remember.

    I especially miss the Caribbean bands they use to have on the pool deck. They really set the theme of the cruise but they stopped having them a few years ago. We saw a Caribbean band on the Norweigan Sun docked next to us just before we pulled out.

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