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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Aurora's Mommy, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Aurora's Mommy

    Aurora's Mommy Because she's beautiful, when she's asleep!

    Jun 21, 2005
    Leaving in 10 days! Have a 10 & 13 year old, and want to sit down with them and go over "The Rules." Would appreciate some input:

    (1) Take emergencies seriously! Come immediately back to the cabin to meet up with family & grab life jacket. In case of fire, do not come back to the cabin, follow the crews instructions [would especially appreciate feedback on this one, not entirely sure this is correct]

    (2) When in an upright position, feet on deck! No standing on railings, furniture, etc.

    (3) Do not invite anyone into our cabin.

    (4) Do not go into anyone's cabin.

    (5) No running and/or yelling in the halls (and not just during quiet hours).

    (6) Remember your pleases and thank yous.

    (7) If you are not with us, you must be with the kids activities, in the cabin, or have texted us with your specific location.

    What have I missed?
  2. jdb in AZ

    jdb in AZ It could end up curdled

    Feb 11, 2011
    In case of emergency you meet at the muster station.

    If you're in your state room when there's an emergency you grab your life jackets and go. Otherwise you could drown trying to reach the life jackets in your room. The ship has extra life jackets in strategic locations.
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  4. outahere

    outahere DIS Veteran

    Aug 12, 2002
    You pretty much covered it. I would add:

    Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands often.

    A few cruises back (on the Magic) our DS contracted norovirus from something he touched in Ocean Quest - NOT a pleasant cruise.
  5. NHdisneylover

    NHdisneylover DIS Veteran

    Feb 26, 2007
    Good list:thumbsup2

    I do not know if this a an across the board change or not and have not sailed Disney since the Costa Concordia disaster, but on other lines we have been told ever since then that we are not to go back to cabins and fetch life jackets in emergencies--only bring it with you if you happen to be in the cabin when the alarm sounds--otherwise go directly to your muster station. I would tell them either might be possible and you will confirm at muster drill:thumbsup2

    My kids are not allowed to use elevators except on formal night because DD wears heels. I do not think mine would "play" in them, but I hate when other kids/teens do and I figure the kids are young and healthy and can go on stairs and make up for some of that ice cream they are eating and leave the elevators for those with wheel chairs and strollers :goodvibes

    After dinner/show they can only be at a family event, an event for their club or the room. No aimless wandering, or hanging out with friends while not in the clubs at night time.
  6. pixarmom

    pixarmom DIS Veteran

    Oct 20, 2009
    Good list!

    This is probably too much, but our two older boys are 12 and 13 and we required them to stay together on the Dream last year when they were not with us. We're on the Wonder at the end of this month, and I think we might feel differently on a smaller ship / longer cruise. I'd appreciate any advice from more experienced cruisers - did you feel differently about giving your kids more freedom on the Dream vs. the Wonder?

    But we were very definite about knowing their location at all times. This wasn't much of an issue because we would all look at the navigator, create a plan and know where we were going to meet next. But if they wanted to change plans, they had to text/call us on the wave phones first and get permission before going somewhere else.

    Our kids also use the stairs - and so do we!
  7. Gina

    Gina Remembers the Great DIS Board Crash of '99

    Aug 16, 1999
    This is the list I use for my DS. It has been altered and updated over the years as he has gotten older (he is 16 now) but the basics stay the same. Hope this helps. :)

    None of these are optional​

    You are not to enter any cabin without me. Ever.

    No one is to enter our cabin except you.

    If you are in our cabin alone, hang the “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on the door. Remember to remove it when you leave.

    You are not to drink any beverage unless it is handed to you by me or a CM. You are not to drink anything that you have let out of your sight.

    If you change locations from where you last said you were going to be, you need to either swing by the stateroom and write it on the white board (including the time), or use a house phone somewhere and leave a message in our stateroom voicemail box.

    Do not hang out, horse around or run in the stairwells, hallways or elevators.

    Your curfew will be decided on each day. It will vary depending on the teen activities that are planned, and what time we need to start the next day.

    Your KTTW card is tied to my credit card even though you have your own funds on there. It is up to you to check your balance daily. If you lose your KTTW card, notify Guest Services immediately.

    Our dining time for dinner is 8pm, so you will need to make sure you allow yourself enough time to finish whatever you’re doing and head back to the cabin with enough time to get yourself ready and either leave with me at 7:45or meet me at the dining room entrance by 7:45 (or earlier if we’re taking pictures, which I will let you know about ahead of time.)

    If you order room service, don’t forget to tip them. You know where the tip money is. Also don’t forget to gather up any dishes/silverware/napkins/etc. as neatly as possible for the room steward.

    If we arrange a check-in time and you miss it by more than 15 minutes, then you will spend the rest of that day with me or in the cabin.

    I expect you to be the Southern gentleman you have been raised to be, using please, thank you, and excuse me at all times. Hold the doors for people, allow people to get off of the elevator before you step on. Being on vacation is never an excuse for leaving manners at home.

    Handwashing is a must!! If unable to wash your hands with soap and water, you will always have hand sanitizer available. USE IT!

    No going to the outside areas of the upper deck at night.

    Do not leave the stateroom a mess. The room steward has enough to do!
    Keep all of your valuables in the cabin safe.

    Always, always treat the ship crew members with respect, every last one of them. You know how they always go out of their way to make our cruises special and happy – go out of your way to smile and say “hello”.

    All those people on the Roll Call list? They’ve all seen your picture and know you’re my son. If you’re acting like an idiot somewhere onboard, I WILL find out about it.
  8. MagicRat

    MagicRat Mouseketeer

    Jul 26, 2010
    We have had two successful Dream cruises with our DS (now 10) and DD (now 12) both pretty much being able to do what they want to do during the day. Aside from what you mentioned, two things I have found helped- I was very specific with them and told them it is ok for your to go by yourself, but if you are not where I tell you to be at x time, that's it for you going by yourself. I let them know that this was no option and if they weren't where they were supposed to be, the fun was over. Also, my wife an I carried the two wave phones and did not give one to the children. There are house phones all over the ship that they can call you from and I didn't feel like giving them a $250 phone to lose. Have a great time!
  9. DakotaDisneyLover

    DakotaDisneyLover Mouseketeer

    Nov 16, 2009
    Great list! I'm hoping some 'slack' parents read this and realize they should have rules for their kids to follow on the ship ;)
  10. CarolAnnC

    CarolAnnC <font color=blue>Caught Smuggling Jello Shot Syrin

    Oct 9, 2000
    Just wanted to tell Gina that I love her list! The last item made me LOL. :rotfl:
  11. moebear

    moebear Mouseketeer

    Feb 6, 2007
    Wow, great tips. Our daughters will be 11 and 12 when we cruise in March/2013. Our last cruise was a couple of years ago - so them wandering by themselves was never an issue. This will be new territory! DH and I are pretty strict about what they can and cannot do by themselves. As far as i am concerned, you mess up a rule - privileges are gone. Subbing to this thread!
  12. JKSWonder

    JKSWonder Twelve plus trips and counting

    Nov 25, 2008

    This is terrific. Now that my daughter is a "tween" and can leave her club without notifying me, this is exactly the sort of stuff I want her to know.

    I personally don't want her roaming the ship. Not yet. So for now, at least for her age, I am adding things like "I will pick you up at club at our agreed upon time. You are not to leave the club for any reason without notifying me first either ahead of time (for a planned club activity) or via the wave phone."
  13. Gina

    Gina Remembers the Great DIS Board Crash of '99

    Aug 16, 1999

    LOL, thanks! Luckily, my DS has always behaved himself, but I'm a big believer in letting kids know exactly what is expected of them and the consequences if they veer off that path. No "hoping" they act right, or assuming they know how to behave. No surprises. :goodvibes
  14. jmpooh

    jmpooh Mouseketeer

    Mar 12, 2012
    Last year when we cruised my DD was 11. She is very responsible and mature for her age. I was still a nervous wreck. I was very happy that they had the phones to text and call. We gave her many of the rules listed. And made sure i mentioned them to her everyday. I appreciate everyone posting their rules because there are some I didn't even think to mention to her. I will be writing them down so I don't forget when we go on our cruise the end of the month!
  15. jetskigrl

    jetskigrl No mumbojumbo here

    Mar 7, 2007
    In addition to the things listed, I also gave my DD an additional rule.

    If she is returning to the stateroom alone, she is not to open the door if there is someone standing nearby (alone) or behind her. I explained how easy it would be for a man to follow her, wait for her to open the door and then push her inside.
    If there is a family or a single person that is way down the hall, fine. Just not when it is just her and another person alone in the immediate hallway. If she finds herself in that situation, she is to keep walking to someplace with a lot of people around and then come back in a few minutes or call us to meet her.

    I know it sounds extreme but it is the same thing I practice myself when walking out to my car alone at night, etc. I just want her to be aware of who is around her.
  16. Agent555

    Agent555 Mouseketeer

    Nov 24, 2010
    Great Rule!!! People are assaulted on cruiseships and better safe then sorry!
  17. Eleblanc

    Eleblanc Mouseketeer

    Apr 16, 2011
    I think these are fantastic, not just for the cruise but for everyday life. Good job!

  18. poohbear luvs grumpy

    poohbear luvs grumpy Mouseketeer

    Sep 12, 2009
    Your list is great the fact that you have rules means your kids are going to be that much better behaved and protected
  19. DL1957

    DL1957 DIS Veteran

    Feb 9, 2009
    You parents are all awesome! DH and I were not blessed with children but have wonderful nieces and nephews. In our almost 10 DCL crusies 90% of the parents are just like you folks. We just need to get the other 10% be as respectful to their children and others as your folks are. Well done parents!
  20. BeeTeacher

    BeeTeacher Mouseketeer

    Nov 15, 2011
    I intend to treat the cruise ship no differently than I would a disney hotel. I would not let my 10 year old wander a disney hotel alone, why would I let her do this on a cruise ship?

    So while my 10/12/14 year old CAN check themselves out of the clubs, they will know to call me , and I will come get them, simple. Call me over protective.... Im okay with that! lol!
  21. tubtruck

    tubtruck Tubtastic

    Oct 11, 2006
    Wow at what point are they allowed to behave like kids, glad my parents had a far more laid back approach, gave me fond memories.

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