lines 1st week of May



I have never been to US in FL. How are the lines and crowds the first week of May?
Hi Elle,
I know all us Northerners way up here are back to school and work!!
My kids don't get another break until summer vacation, that's the last week of June for us.
BTW, it's 30 degrees outside today :( Just had to add that in.....
I wouldn't think lines first week of May would be bad at all. Most kids are still in school and everybody's already had their Spring break, right? Patti
Hi elle,

Last year I visit USF/IOA from April 29 to May 5 and lines were pretty easy. :D 15 to 20 minutes wait on most rides. Spiderman was 35 minutes wait which still not bad. Weather was really nice around the 80s. We have such a great time that we are planning for the same time next year. :eek:



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