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Jan 17, 2002
Anybody ever flown on this airline before? Looking at the prices on their site and was one of the few companies out of BWI that have direct flights to MCO (the other being Southwest). My hubby and I don't fly much and we don't know if it's wise to book with one of the smaller airlines or go with the biggies. I'd love to hear any and all comments about Air Tran.
persdonally I would go with another carrier. have you tried Usair? they have had some specials on their web sight this past week. what is your date of travel going to be?

if you want a no frills carrier I would go with southwest. I used to work for Air Tran. 'nuff said.
Just a quick note of caution -

Make sure it is nonstop and the earlier in the day the better.
Thanks for the info. We're leaving 11/22 and coming back 11/29. Southwest and Air Tran are the only two carriers I have found with non-stops from BWI. I know that Southwest only books 6 months out, but in your opinions, when is the best time to book? Immediately after rates come out or play the waiting game? Right now we have bulk air on hold with DTC for $1000 (for the four of us) with UsAir. Luckily we don't have to pay for the tickets until 45 days before our trip. This is great because it assures us seats, but we can price shop. If I bought the same fares today through USAir, they'd be about $800 for the same flights/connections. I just hate to do that so far out. I keep seeing all these great specials, but I don't know if its wishful thinking to hope for great rates over a holiday week (flying out the Friday before Thanksgiving and coming home Black Friday). I'd love to hear any suggestions/opinions on this. I know its a waiting game, but since we never fly, I'm very unknowledgable on this subject. Thanks all!

as people say about stocks, one shouldn't judge future trends of a company based on past performance, but here's something that kept my family from wanting to fly them...

you may recall that Airtran used to be Valujet, whose Flight 592 crashed in the Everglades back in May of 1996. Though the immediate cause was pointed to one of Valujet's contractors, SabreTech, neither DH nor I are convinced that Airtran/Valujet has taken much steps to avoid these problems in the future. (You may recall that the cause was due to the lack of safety caps on O2 canisters being kept in the plane for emergencies.) The case ended in a plea-bargain with Sabretech going out of business, and there was little mention in the media of improvements or restitution from Valujet/Airtran or FAA....

Just my two cents...
I would look somewhere else. I am not confident that they have fully cleaned up their operations. I mean sure you can change the name, change your headquarters and repaint your planes. But still....no way.
Hi Detulelya!
Though I'm no travel expert, I fly kinda frequently, and I feel the same way about USair and would not recommend them to anyone. I've flown USair twice, and it was terrible each time. Poor customer service, dirty planes, and so-so prices etc. Our carrier of choice is Southwest, but flights on Sundays are somewhat limited, therefore, we're flying Airtran. I can't offer a qualified opinion yet, as we're not flying 'til May I'll. I'll let everyone on the board know how it went. One of the things that I like about Airtran, is that you can get your seats assigned on check-in, thus avoiding the SW "cattle drive" They've purchased brand new Boeing 717's, and that's what they'll be flying out of BWI. I've talked to several people who've flown Airtran, and were quite happy with them, however, I'll know for sure in a couple of months. Hope this helps!!

I haven't posted on the boards for awhile but since we flew Airtran from BWI to Orlando this last weekend I thought I would add my .02. I was able to get $99 round trip airfare during a sale that Airtran had in January - it seems like they have expanded their service from BWI to make-up for the demise of Metrojet.

Our flights were on-time both ways, direct flights, new 717 planes, good service - overall no complaints and I would certainly fly them again. Especially if they have another sale!

Amy aka Cary's Mom
Hi Denise!

Count us among the naysayers of Air Tran until just recently. We have always flown Continental throughout the years and would have only considered major airlines.

Airtran would never have been a consideration, in our eyes, before their acquisition recently of a fleet of new Boeing 717's. Previously, their fleet consisted of older DC 9's.

I have never flown Air Tran. We have always flown the major carriers. But I, for one, am going to keep my eyes and ears open to the new changes with this airline. Newer aircraft, better customer service, and daily non stop flights with great airfares? Sounds like Air Tran is serious about capturing the eye of regional airport travelers. And with the SWELL time we had just recently flying in and out of the International airports, that non stop Boeing 717 business flight to Orlando from our regional airport is looking mighty tempting ;) Like they say, "Never say never." ;)

For now, we will stick with Continental. Creatures of habit we are;) Another thing to remember: Air Tran often quotes rates without the hidden charges that will be added on. Major airlines, such as Continental quote the price that includes all charges. Often times what seems to be the "least expensive" airfare actually is not .

Our first time flying was in October so we have no comparison with the other companies...

We were very pleased with customer service all were very nice and helpful, we flew from PIT to ATl and then from ATL to MCO, our plane from PIT was a DC 9 but was very clean... OUr trips from ATL to MCO and our return trip were all on brand new 717's and which was nore surprising the planes were all full just 4 weeks after the tragedies.

I would not be hesitant to fly with them again... ;)
I really like Airtran. We have flown them 3 x since June. The price from Philadelphia is great. Sign up on their website for thier speacials & they will emailwhen sale fares come out. Prices with Airtran is like a slot machine. Everytime you log on they change. So wait for a sale. traditionaly the sales comeout on WED. Always book with the airline not a middleman & if you book online you get a 5% discount. Always try for direct flights they are also Cheaper, you pay taxes on each segment of a trip. We have paid $122. to $146. for our round trip tickets to Orlando.
We flew AirTran for the first time a couple of months ago. I can honestly say we had no complaints. The employees were friendly and well organized and the flights were on time both ways. We'll definately fly them again.


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