Leaving in 10 Days, Can't Concentrate On Anything, Am I Only One Who Feels This Way?


Disney Addict
Nov 27, 2001
We are leaving for our WDW/Disney Cruise vacation in ten days and I am SO excited about it, I can't concentrate on anything else. I am even loosing sleep because I can't turn my brain off thinking about our upcoming vacation. I don't feel like cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc., I just want to spend time on the DIS and reading my guidebooks. Anyone else feel this way? What can I do to get back on track? I don't think I'm bad enough yet for professional help (lol) but this is really becoming a bit of a problem for me. I guess it doesn't help the fact that 5 days after returning from WDW with my husband and kids; me and my best girl friend are going to France for 10 days. But honestly, I'm more excited about WDW/DCL than I am about going to Europe.
I have the same problem and our trip is still 50 days away...

Can't imagine what I'll be like within 10 days! :bounce:

We are leaving for vacation on 2/17, but not boarding the Magic until 2/23. It is all consuming!!!! I just forced myself to do all the outstanding bills and try to do the "normal" household things, but I can think of CRUISE, CRUISE, CRUISE!!!

Oh Mtmom, I understand! I don't go on DCL until August & it's all I can think about!LOL As a matter of fact I just said to my DH last night that I am looking foward to my August vacation more than my March vacation! And my March vacation is my 1st trip to Disneyland! March will be just my DH & I, & August will be with our 2 kids! I hate to wish my life away, but boy, I really can't wait till August! Hope you have a great trip & tell us about it when you get back! Kathy :wave:
I have the same disease "Disneyitis". Unfortunatly there is no cure. I recommend Disney a few times a year, mixed with looking at past photo's and film taken of your last trip. Just the thought of my next vacation sends me into fits of laughter!!!
I can't think of anything and our cruise is 3 months away. My DH says i'm obsessed with the cruise the boards etc. I am, but i'm having a great time planning and anticipating this cruise. As they say, planning is half the fun, and i've never cruised before, so all info to me is informative.

Now I am looking for the timer to download LOL

So if you have the link, PLEASE post it
I head out on the Magic on the 23rd of February.

I have been packing for weeks and when I do that I wind up with 6 suitcases instead of the alotted 4.

All I want to talk about is going away - to complete strangers.

I dare a tele marketer to call here - they will have to listen to me talking about our trip.

I am out of control.

It is so bad for me that I am SERIOUSLY considering packing up and moving to Florida. I already sent my resume to Celebration Hospital. So if anyone has any tips on how I can get my resume to the Spas at the World for a Massage Therapist position. let me know.....51 days to AKL,CBR and the Wonder.

Dawn Hope
We go in 18 days and it's pretty much all I've been thinking of! That and how I'm going to come up with the spending money...lol
My boss paid for everything, airfare, hotel before and after, cruise, bus transfers, insurance and limo to and from airport for my family....not bad....I guess I shouldn't be complaining about spending money! I swear I'm going to end up packing the whole house...and with two teenage girls they want to bring EVERYTHING!
We just got HOME from a cruise the 22nd of January and I STILL Cant get into the normal routine yet! I dont leave for my Disney Cruise with the family until the 14th of November and I cant concentrate on anything else besides the Carnival boards from the "past" and the DCL/WDW boards for the "future" so I know how you feel!! Of course it doesnt help to be volunteering for Olympic duty either on keeping house clean and stuff but GEEZ!
Heidi the slacker
My boss paid for everything, airfare, hotel before and after, cruise, bus transfers, insurance and limo to and from airport for my family
Is your boss hiring? If so, send him my way!! Let me know how the cruise goes with 2 teenage girls. We're taking two in June and they're already planning their wardrobe :rolleyes: Have a wonderful time!
mickey4me...unfortunately no job openings..lol...he also bought us a new car this summer and he sends us to Disney every year! When I can figure out how to use this message board properly I will let you know how the cruise goes! Unfortunately I am computer illiterate and can't figure out how to get back into a thread once out!


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