Kungaloosh!! Day 3

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    Jul 19, 2002
    Me…29 self professed Disney freak (8th trip to Disney World)
    Matthew…30 loves me despite my Disney freakishness (first trip to Disney World)

    Day Three, Sept 11, 2002…God Bless America

    6:12am…The phone rings with our wake up call…this time I stay on the phone for a bit after I pick up and Mickey comes on with his chipper wake up message! I was really expecting to hear Stitch from what everyone else had been saying…but it looks like Mickey was making the wake up rounds the week we were there! And that stupid alarm clock still didn’t go off this morning!

    We get up and around…knowing that today would be a somber day all over the US, we decided that we wanted to keep our moods as up beat as possible. We chose to NOT watch the news as we got ready for our day. Instead we watched the WDW info channel (zip-a-dee-do-dah…tip for today!) until we were ready. Since I was taking too long, Matthew went down to the food court to refill his mug with his beginning daily allotment of coffee. I was ready by the time he came back. Today, we were wearing the hats that Matthew made for us (bride and groom baseball caps with ears and a veil on mine), red shorts, and our patriotic Mickey shirts.

    We leave our room at about 7:25am and head out to the car. We have an 8am PS for Chef Mickey’s this morning! It’s my first ever character meal experience. I’m very excited…we decided to drive to the Contemporary this morning ourselves instead of relying on the bus transportation. It’s really eerily quiet outside today. The skies are overcast and threaten rain…we make it to the resort and check in with security. We are issued the temporary 3 hour parking pass and make our way in to park. I had never been to this resort before, so we got a little turned around in the parking lot. We finally find a place to park and head inside. Make our way up to Chef Mickey’s and check in. They take us for our obligatory picture in front of the big plate, which I remind Matthew that may be kind of pricey so we don’t have to buy them, and then we’re off to be seated. I’m so very excited as I spot Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Chip, Dale, and Pluto out and about! We are seated towards the back of the restaurant by the windows. Chris, our server, comes over and explains the character encounters and the buffet to us, takes our drink orders (coffee for him and diet coke for me!) and sends us on our way. We make our rounds of the buffet, fill our plates, and head back to the table.

    The first character to find us was Pluto…he made a big to do of our hats, hugged on me, and gave me kisses while Matthew snapped pictures! Next was Chip…he noticed our hats right away and started playing with my veil as if he was following me down the aisle and making sure it was straight…Dale stopped by…he made a BIG fuss over our rings and then found a fork and started clanking on the glass to get us to kiss…Minnie was there too! She made a fuss over us and then kissed on Matthew!! (I missed this photo op :( ) And last but certainly not least came the Chef himself, Mickey!! He kissed my hand…sigh…Matthew was a little jealous but he got over it!

    The food was ok, typical breakfast buffet type food…nothing spectacular. Our server did bring us a big chocolate cupcake with mounds of white frosting and sprinkles and a lit candle to help us celebrate our honeymoon! It was heaven…when we had arrived and were walking by, what I assume to be, the dessert bar, he told me that I couldn’t have candy for breakfast…I showed him! I went up and helped myself to a small scoop of the chocolate non pariels!! (Not even married 24 hours yet and the bride is already defying the groom!)

    The picture lady came around and showed us our pictures. Matthew decided that he had to have them, so $27.00 later, we were now the proud owners of our picture in front of the big plate!

    By this time, we’re stuffed and ready to go. We flag down Chris and pay our bill. On our way out, Goofy was stationed at the front of the restaurant so we stopped for a picture and autograph. (yes, I’m an adult but I gotta have my autographs!!) Goofy thought our hats were adorable and he made a grand gesture and dramatically kissed my hand. Then he gave Matthew the thumbs up for my ring and shook his hand. Goofy pretended as if Matthew’s hand shake was so forceful that it crippled him and he dramatically crumpled to the floor! It was really funny…

    As we were leaving the restaurant, we could hear someone calling “bride and groom!” so we turn around and there is this woman rushing after us. She introduces herself to s and tells us that she is with a show on the Food Network called Unwrapped. We watch that every now and then at home so we knew what it was. Anyway, they were there filming for an upcoming special, Disney Unwrapped. They caught our “Goofy encounter” on camera! They wanted our permission to possibly use the clips in the episode! So we signed the waivers saying yes and we were off! How exciting!! She said that this was supposed to air in January, I think. So be watching for us!!

    After stopping briefly for a picture of Walt and Mickey at the entrance, we head out to the car. We had planned on doing MK that day. It was about 8:35am now. We decide to go ahead and move the car to the TTC parking lot instead of driving all the way back to the ASMu. Maybe I missed a turn or something, but it seemed to take us in a round about way to get from the Contemporary to the parking lot! We get there and it’s now about 9:00am or so. We make our way into the TTC area and after watching the bulk of the crowd heading to the monorail, we chose the ferry. I promised Matthew that we would take the monorail when we leave. The anticipation of this trek across the lake always gets me! I just get so excited…I feel like a 5 year old on her first visit to the MK!!

    We finally “dock”, breeze through security, and get into the park. Main Street USA…it felt so good to be “home”!! We get our maps (ok I really didn’t need one, but took one for Matthew’s benefit!) and decide where to go first. We head towards the castle and I’m getting antsy…he takes his pictures and we continue towards FantasyLand. We take the long way around since you couldn’t walk through the castle due to the Cinderella show about to start. We take the little path by the wishing well and finally step foot into FL!! We wander through a shop quickly and then head over to Dumbo first…No wait!! We even get a purple Dumbo!! After that, we do pretty much everything in FL…Pooh (which stopped mid-ride several times), Snow White, Peter Pan, Small World…skip the tea cups (poor tummy just can’t handle the spinning!) and head over through Liberty Square. We hit the Hall of Presidents (very moving being’s it was Sept 11) and wind up in the little Christmas shop across the way. We decided to have an ornament personalized (bride and groom Mickey and Minnie on top of a white bulb says just married…had our names and the wedding date put on it) and move on from there. We decide to head over to TomorrowLand from there.

    It’s now about 11:30am. I convince Matthew to do the Alien Encounter alone. It looked like he would be in the next group to go in, so I went into the gift shop to wait for him. Well, there was a group that came out, but he wasn’t in it. So I wandered around some more (I’m a big chicken, I won’t do AE) and before I knew it, it was noon. I was a little upset that Matthew was still inside, but I went outside with everyone else to listen to the speech by the president, observe the moment of silence, and listen to the recording of God Bless America. It was very moving…many people were huddled into small groups and were crying. It was really neat to see the bonding that occurred during this time…Matthew finally comes out a little after that and I told him what he missed. He was bummed that he missed it. He did say that he thought that he heard an announcement reminding people that they would be in the show during the moment of silence and that they would miss it, but he couldn’t completely understand what they had said. Oh well…

    From there, we head over to Buzz Lightyear, which thanks to my DIS friends, I got a higher score than my video game genius husband!! Matthew’s score…38,600…my score…54,500…ok, not the highest, but I was still pretty proud of myself! From there we hit Space Mountain. Matthew rode in the very front and loved every minute of it…

    It’s now about 1pm and we’re getting hungry. We can’t agree on where to eat…he wants something, but just not sure what. He didn’t think that he wanted my vote for chicken and fish…but I bribe him. I promise that if we can have Columbia Harbour House, we’ll go to DD that night and have pizza from the Wolfgang Puck Express. He agrees and we’re off to my favorite, the Columbia Harbour House! The restaurant was pretty empty by this time. We both had the captain’s special, chicken and fish, and shared a diet coke. We even went upstairs and had a nice little table by the window. Very nice lunch…oh! And Joe, the CM getting our food together for us, gave us a free bag of character cookies! He told us that the ears alone deserved a little something extra! Matthew actually really enjoyed his meal!

    It’s about 2pm-ish now so we head over to Splash Mountain. No wait!!! This was just unreal!!! We end up sitting in front and of course, we get fairly wet! Matthew thought it was great and marked that his favorite ride!! We bought the picture and headed over to BTMRR. Josh, the CM “directing traffic” took us to the very last row of the train. Once we sat down and got all buckled in, he told us that when the train came back to unload, we were to stay on board! We got to ride it twice in a row!! And I am proud to say that I saw my very first hidden Mickey!!!!

    It’s now nearing time for the Share a Dream Come True parade so we start heading towards Main Street. We had a few minutes to spare so we started towards the Exposition Hall to check out our pictures from this morning. Along the way, we run right into tc and her husband! We told them that we would be right back and we’d sit with them for the parade…we went and purchased our pictures. During this time, Matthew discovers that his key card was missing. That made him rally nervous because the card had room charging privileges on it. Decide that we’ll hit Guest Relations after the parade. Went back to sit with Kelli and her hubby. We had great seats for the parade! We chatted a bit about the DVC (we had an appointment the next morning to tour the rooms and learn about the program) and how our trips were going thus far and then the parade finally made its way down Main Street. It was such a cute parade!!

    After the parade, we went over to Guest Relations where we explained the problem. The CM called over to our resort and had them cancel Matthew’s card and the issued him a temporary one day admission ticket, just in case we needed it. We still had time before the Flag Retreat so we started making our way down Main Street through the shops. We got stopped by a CM in the Bakery and asked if we wanted to “dip” marshmallows. Why not! So we did…we dipped them in chocolate and then into a dish full of red, white, and blue stars. (YUM!) We received a Magical Moments certificate and were on our way.

    We head off to AdventureLand for Pirates of the Caribbean and Aladdin’s Magic Carpets. And then we moved on to Toon Town and rode the Barnstormer. The CM there made a big announcement about the fact that we had just been married the day before and we were off! We toured Mickey and Minnie’s houses, stopped by the giant gift store back there where we decided that we had to have some Pop Rocks (very old favorite of ours!!). Steve, a very friendly CM, came to ring us out and asked us what our favorite kind of chocolate was. He gave us two chocolate covered Oreo cookies for free! (Mine had a pink Mickey on it and Matthew’s had a blue Mickey on his) We thanked him and went along our way.

    It’s now nearing 4:30pm. We were supposed to meet some other DISers on Main Street before the Flag Retreat for ice cream. Well, we decided that we didn’t want to do that after all, but took the train to Main Street for some shopping before the Flag Retreat. The crowds were already gathering for the retreat so we just staked out our spot and hung out for a bit.

    I had never seen the Flag Retreat before and was looking forward to it, especially on this particular day. We had a good viewing spot for the “action”. It was very moving…the Voices of Liberty came over to sing for us and they had “honorary” color guard who were actually CM’s that were in the military.

    After that, we decide it’s time to bid farewell to the MK for the day and head out. We wanted to go back to the hotel and change before we hit DD. As promised, we take the monorail back to the TTC. As we are exiting the monorail, I hear someone say my name. I turn around and we meet Kcritter and her husband! She, too, recognized us from our picture! We are feeling like celebrities by now! We had a delightful chat as we headed to the trams and then to our cars. They are from Martinsville, Indiana, which is a little south from where we live! It was very nice to meet them!!

    The skies are now threatening rain. It’s kind of drizzly, but nothing serious. We get to the hotel and head for our room. We get changed and head back out for DD. We again decide to just drive ourselves. We knew that we would be going to PI too. We figured that if we felt too, um, intoxicated, we would leave the car there and take the bus back.

    We park the car and head for Wolfgang’s. We shared a BBQ chicken pizza and a Caesar salad and our own diet cokes. We were very happy with our meal! It’s now about 7:30pm-ish. We wander around the Marketplace a bit and head towards Pleasure Island. It’s about 8:45pm or so. We get our wrist thingies and head into PI. I show Matthew around a little and we decide to hit the Comedy Warehouse first. They let us in and the show starts at about 9:15pm. (BTW, we chose NOT to wear our ears tonight :) ) We are seated in the very front 2 rows at a table (YAY!)…Matthew orders himself a Bud and I chose to try a Heckler. The show starts and it’s funny, but not hilarious tonight.

    After the Comedy show is done, we decide to go and check out the Adventurer’s Club. This quickly becomes our favorite!! We had a blast in there…we were there from about 10pm until 1:30am!! In that time, Matthew downs 2 more Buds and I have 2 Kungaloosh…yum! By the end of the show, I’m feeling pretty good, so we head into Rock and Roll Beach Club and listen there for a bit. They had an awesome band in there covering some of the classic 80’s rock songs…then we peeked into Motions. It was ok, but I wouldn’t hang out there all night. It’s now 2am and we decide we’ve had enough for tonight and head back to the resort. I’m in no condition to drive, so Matthew gets us back safe and sound. We hit the room, set the wake up call and crash…2:30am…

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  2. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    A great day - and meeting Dis'ers to boot - thanks for posting!
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  4. momofdbsdc

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    Aug 10, 2002
    Sounds like a wonderful day!

  5. Krissalee

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    Feb 3, 2001
    I hope that wake-up call isn't too early! You need a sleep-in day after your busy few days!!!!

    Thanks for sharing your trip!
  6. Montana Disney Fan

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    Oct 2, 1999
    Nice post! Sounds like a great day!! :p
  7. pomcoach

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    Dec 16, 2000
    I love the idea of the t-shirts and the baseball hats. Did the baseball hats say anything on them about just being married? You are giving me such good ideas for my daughter when she wants to get married at Disneyland. Thanks so much for sharing your trip! Pomcoach:bounce:
  8. scarlett873

    scarlett873 <font color=hotpink>Surrounded by true friends<br>

    Jul 19, 2002

    we actually bought the baseball caps at our local david's bridal store. mine said bride and his said groom. he then took some of that creative foam stuff you can buy at the craft stores, made the ears, hot glued them on to a small strip of the foam stuff and then glued the strip to the hats...and for mine, we bought some of the tulle material and he glued some of it on to make it look like a veil. he also glued some flower like things to the very top between the ears to dress it up a bit more. they turned out really cute!

    it was really fun wearing the hats and the matching shirts! it really grabbed extra attention...plus the hats offered a bit of sun protection on our faces so that we didn't get burned!
  9. Mickey's sunshine

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    May 23, 2000
    sounds like you had a fulllll day!! Good reports so far. :)
  10. yepod

    yepod DIS Veteran

    Aug 18, 2001
    I wonder who was jealous of whom!!!!

    Does Matthew read these reports:eek: :eek: ;)

    Bribes are a good thing (it's called compromise & we do it ALL the time LOL)

    Thanks for sharing another great day!
  11. scarlett873

    scarlett873 <font color=hotpink>Surrounded by true friends<br>

    Jul 19, 2002
    lol yepod!

    yes, he reads these reports...in fact he's posted all of them on our website!

    he supports my obsession of disney...he thinks it's funny when he'll tell me what someone else has said about WDW who's been there like once and thinks that they know it all, and then i get all testy and correct it!

    he was talking to someone that he works with about where we ate on our wedding night (alfredo's). he kept saying that we ate in epcot. she kept asking where it was and he told her again and again. when she finally realizes that it's in the world showcase, she says, "oh, so you ate in the world showcase, not epcot." she was convinced that the world showcase was NOT part of epcot. he tells me this in the car and i was going on and on about it. i kept saying "that, technically, yes, we did eat in epcot. the world showcase is part of epcot. so when you say we ate at epcot, we did!" he just laughed and wanted to drop the subject...it was funny...i get so disney-defensive!!

    lol...oh well...

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