KEVIN-Thank you for reading my Email-7/24/2007

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    May 29, 2007
    I appreciate your feedback on the show today..........Just wanted to say and ellaborate on my email.......I am going during free dining because with the way me and my family normally spend our money on food (being a family of four) that even with a discount that I received in the mail for the room I got at the All Star Resort, the Free dining plan came back cheaper because of the cost of meals. ..........that being said..........I was wondering if you could help because I feel that you do share some of the same taste that I have regarding meals and the expected costs for echo John....definitely, free crap is free crap......I thought your take of Chef's Mickey was right on. thats why I hope you could help me out.......could you give me an approval or disapproval of the restaurants I have chosen for my trip.

    Chef Mickey-Dinner

    Cape May-Breakfast


    Crystal Palace-Breakfast

    Hollywood & Vine Fantasmic Package-Dinner

    Kona Cafe-Dinner

    Donald's Breakfastousaurus-Breakfast

    Coral Reef-Lunch

    Thanks Kevin and also thanks to anyone else that might give me some feedback.

    Kevin I will definitely do some type of review of my own on the restaurants that I finally reserve and give you a full report.....I am very good at remembering details so I will try to be as informative for you as possible

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