** Kat & Pauls Wishes Wedding 3.8.11 WG/AG/DP @ UK Lochside **


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Aug 21, 2007
Heading over to vote for you now!

Your baby is one of the cutest new borns I have ever seen!


Aug 1, 2010
So yesterday was our 1st wedding anniversary! :goodvibes I can't believe how quick it's gone! And how much has changed in a year!

We decided to do the traditional gifts for eachother so this year was paper. Both DH and I have bucket lists for this year and we both picked presents that help get things ticked off our lists!

This is what I bought for DH...


(That's tickets to see Michael McIntyre at the O2 - Can't wait! He's sooo funny! :goodvibes )

I just popped his pressie in with his card. DH had to go one better though and did this...
















What an awesome present! Champagne and chocolate tea! Can't wait! And shopping too...what a perfect day. I'm planning on a trip to Tiffany! DH said he'd buy me a duck charm (to remind me of Jackson - we called him ducky before he was born) for everything I've been through these past 3 months (I had my gallbladder out 2 weeks ago. It nearly didn't happen and then when it did it took 2 hours instead of 45 minutes and I had to stay in over night in the end too - still, it's over now and I'm recovering well)

'And to top it all off he also made me this...


It's a book he wrote about the night before the wedding and our wedding day, through his eyes. I started writing all about it after the wedding but never did anything with it. It's really great and gives me an insight into how he was feeling (very VERY sick apparently!)

Jackson also had to have his 2nd lot of jabs yesterday. What a way to spend our anniversary! But he was a little trooper and only cried a little.
Here he is enjoying an early easter present from his Nana and Grampy.


We've just started planning our next family holiday too...yep you guessed it! We're going to Disney!! Jackson will only be 17 months so we may not do much of Disney, maybe just MK, but we'll be sure to take him to DTD a good few times and absolutley TL too! I can't wait! :goodvibes

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Sep 12, 2007
Congratulation Kat and Paul - is it really a year!!!!:scared1:
What an amazing present your wonderful hubby bought you!! He is definitely a keeper!!
Jackson has grown so much and is just too cute for words!!
I'm sorry you have had a tough time health wise but I am happy to hear you are now on the mend!!
Much love sweetie xxx


Aug 1, 2010
Congratulation Kat and Paul - is it really a year!!!!:scared1:
What an amazing present your wonderful hubby bought you!! He is definitely a keeper!!
Jackson has grown so much and is just too cute for words!!
I'm sorry you have had a tough time health wise but I am happy to hear you are now on the mend!!
Much love sweetie xxx

I can't believe it's been a whole year!! I really don't know where the time has gone!

He certainly is a keeper! He is very thoughtful and always gives me presents in a very clever way! He never just wraps anything like I do!

Call me biased but I totally agree!! :goodvibes Jackson is adorable. I could waste my day just staring at him.


Statistically, 6 out of 7 dwarves are not happy.
Aug 21, 2007
Wow, how thoughtful was that gift!!! :eek:

How sweet :lovestruc That must have taken so much time to pull together. I'm very jealous :laughing:


Aug 1, 2010
Well I can't believe it's been 2 whole years since DH and I got married!! How life has changed since then!

Jackson is now very nearly 17 months, has 14 teeth, a thoroughly contagious little giggle, a very cheeky personality and he's running all over the place and getting into all sorts of trouble! And I wouldn't change one minute of it! :goodvibes

Here's a picture...

this was taken shortly after I discovered he had eaten my last oreo! (and before his first haircut...all his little curls are gone now :sad:)

I'm super excited because in just 30 days we'll be heading off on our 1st family holiday! :banana:To Disney of course! We're not staying at Disney this time but have rented a villa at Windsor Hills with my parents and our friends and their children but you can rest assured the holiday will be packed to the brim with Disney! We're taking the little man to MK and will be having a character breakfast with Winnie the Pooh too. DH and I will be off doing some other parks and Jackson will get to enjoy some quality time with his Nana and Grampy.

I've recently re read my wedding blog and it brought back some great memories! I thoroughly miss being on here all the time but Jackson keeps me super busy now, I don't think I'd have the time (or energy) to do it now! Plus we're talking about baby number 2 as well so I'm really going to have my hands full soon, hopefully.

I hope you're all well and that life is treating you good!

See you later! :wave2:


Aug 1, 2010
Haha sorry about the huge picture! It's practically life size! :rotfl:Photo bucket is not playing ball today (somethings never change! ;))


Earning My Ears
Jul 23, 2018
So we're back from Florida now :sad1: I'm not happy about it but what can you do?! :confused3

We had the most amazing wedding and honeymoon and (I know I keep saying it) but I can't believe it's all over! We have the at home reception to look forward to though so that's something! :thumbsup2

I'm meeting our photographer Sunday so I'll be able to start my full TR then as I'll have all my photos so I thought today I'd start with our vendor reviews and glad I dids etc so here we go...

Carol Mikles - Carol was just amazing! Full of amazng ideas, very patient with my constant changes and super friendly! I cannot fault her! She was a total star throughout the tea party, rehearsal and wedding. Anyone who gets her as their planner is very lucky and wont be disappointed!

Warren Haseltine - Warren was also fab! He had so many ideas that I'd never of thought of myself and he really helped bring my vision for the tea party and wedding to life! He too was very patient with my constant emails to change things and was very good during my bridezilla moments! ;)

Disney videography - They were brilliant! They were so discreet I forgot they were there most of the time! The finished video is AMAZING and I still cry when I watch it. Although it is a little pricey I'd really recommend having a videographer. There's nothing better than getting comfy on the sofa and watching your wedding again and again!

Photography - Our friend Chris did our wedding photography. I spent many months wishing we were having The Roots or Misty but Chris is a close friend and a fab photographer. DH really wanted him to do it so he did and he was great! I sent him some pictures I really liked and he printed them off and had them with him on the day so he could try and get as many as he could. He took over 1500 pictures and I've seen a few of them on facebook so I'm really excited to see the rest of them. My only issue is I don't feel like we got enough pictures with our guests and I'm a bit concerned he just focused on us all day but we'll see. All the guests were taking pictures so I'm sure we have plenty of pictures of our guests but that aside he was fab and seeing as he only charged us £300 to take the pictures we cant complain (in that price we also get 25 prints and a cd with all the pictures on it! Bargain!) :thumbsup2

Steve Dunlap (Disney DJ) - Steve was AMAZING! I was concerned about having a DJ as we were such a small group (21) and I was worried it was a bit of a waste of money as I didn't think people would be up dancing but Steve had everyone up on the dance floor all night! Including me! He was sooo friendly and really funny! We played games and learnt dances and all sorts. I would totally recommend him and suggest people request him as I really can't see how there could be a better DJ! I really wish he could be the DJ for our at home reception!

Disney Catering - The food was delicious! Unfortunatley by the time dinner came round I just wasn't hungry. DH wasn't well (he had a bit of a dodgy belly) so neither of us ate very much! Everyone else had seconds and thirds so it must of been good! :rotfl: I did however leave room for cake and oh my...it was soooooooo yummy! :goodvibes They only served up the marble cake with chocolate filling and we took the sponge cake with coconut cream filling back to our villa with us!

Jackie from Fairytale Hair and Makeup - Jackie was amazing. She was really quick to reply to my (several dozen) emails. I sent her a picture of how I wanted my hair and she did it perfectly. I wasn't sure what I wanted for my makeup but told her I wanted somthing not too heavy and I think she really hit the nail on the head! It was perfect. It was all so perfect that I got all emotional and nearly ruined it by crying after I looked in the mirror! She also did my mum's hair and my MOH hair and makeup and did a fab job on all of us! I'd totally recommend her! And the best bit is they cover several areas so if you're having a Disneyland wedding you can have Tara do your hair and makeup. Jackie was very professional but also really made me feel comfortable. She made me feel totally at ease on day when I was feeling rather nervous!

Carolyn Allens - They did a fab job steaming my dress/veil and the price was great. They were very friendly and chatty. The only downside is that when we first contacted them we told them the exact items we wanted (we picked them from their website) but when DH and co went to see them just a few days before the wedding they didn't have any of the right colours so DH had to pick different shades of blue and green. I wasn't happy about this as I'd gone with them originally as they had the exact colours we wanted! They also delivered the wrong shirt to my Dad but we didn't know about this until the day as my Dad didn't say anything as he just thought DH had picked a different shirt. I'm sure they would of sorted it but by the time we realised it was too late!

Glad I Did...

* Had a DFTW - We had the most amazing day. I honestly can't see how anything else can compare! Everything was perfect (including the weather)

* Had Minnie, Mickey and Donald - Everyones faces when Minnie and Mickey came in was priceless. 15 minutes after they arrived Donald came in. It was a surprise for DH and boy was he surprised!! He got a little teary (Donald was also his dads favourite character and he would of loved it too!) and it was well worth the money! I don't think I'll ever forget the 3 little girls talking to the characters and dancing with them. It was priceless!

* Had an Epcot dessert party - it was the perfect ending to a perfect day. Everyone was wowed by the day itself and this was just the icing on the cake! DH and I talked about whether a Fantasmic dessert party would of been better but decided it wouldn't of been. We had the best view of the fireworks at Epcot and it was really close to BCV so although we had to travel on the motorcoach it didn't take long so was a much better choice for us.

* Stayed at the BCV with all our guests - staying at the same hotel that we were getting married at was great. There were no extra transport costs and it was really convienient for the people with children. A few times I saw parents dashing back and forth to their rooms to get buggys and other assorted childrens items!

* Had wedding cake instead of the desserts that came with the buffet. Although I'm sure the desserts would of been delicious too it was great having a cake as we got to do the cake cutting with the characters (more about that later!) and we had so many desserts at the dessert party we really didn't need anymore!!

* Had a videographer. Although it was quite expensive I'm so glad that we'll have a video of our special day as I know I won't be able to remember it all and as nice as photos are a video will just be amazing and everytime we watch it it'll be like reliving the day and I like that idea a lot!!

There is nothing that I wish we hadn't done and only 2 things I wish we had done and that was have an MK photo shoot. DH said no to this from the very beginning. I wish he hadn't as I would of loved some pictures of us outside the castle but it's not the end of the world. I also wish I had made a more detailed list of photos I wanted for our photograher. I have NO pictures of just me and my mum and no getting ready pictures. The majority of our photos are of us but I would of loved more of everyone else! I also wish we hadn't had so many pictures of us with the characters and encouraged our guests to get pictures with them! I do still feel that if we had gone with a photographer that was used to photographing Disney weddings I wouldn't have these issues now.

Here's a few sneek peek pics from guests...

Our 3 little Disney Princesses and my MOH


My dad and I walking down the aisle


DH waiting for me at the WG


First kiss as husband and wife


Our reception table


Our wedding cake


This picture makes me laugh...this was taken while DH's brothers were making a short speech



Dancing with Mickey


Steve Dunlap DJ, Thank you so much!! I had a great time DJing your wedding!!