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Jul 24, 2000
I was at USF/IOA from the 17th - 21st!! It was my first time, and boy did I have a great time!!! The weather was in the high 70's, and on Friday, the 19th, it got as high as 85!!!
Unfortunately, the Earthquake attraction was down the whole time for maintenance, but I really loved the Jurassic Park ride, and Men in Black!!! My daughter rode the Hulk Coaster 9 times!!!, crowds were sparse, we didn't have to stand in line more than 10 minutes!!! the HRH is simply beautiful!!! We didn't stay there, but saw it!!! I plan to go back in the Fall!!
Ok, spill the details....;) What was the HRH like? Did you see the pool, restaraunts, or lobby?

We are going Feb 2 and staying for 2 nights. I know everyone, including myself, wants to know first had reports.
Did you stay at Portafino or off-site? Was wondering if those wait times were normal lines or FOTL?

Glad you had a great time.
Glad you had a great time. Earthquake is cool but no need to go into mourning if you missed it... now if MIB was down, THEN you'd have a reason to complain!

I just got a aerial view of the Hard Rock myself during my January trip. Wish I had gotten closer.

Welcome back!


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No11's Mom,

I don't know about the original poster, but I went to IOA last weekend with some friends and it was completely empty! It's been a long time since I've been to IOA and seen it so empty. I think our somewhat cold weather this winter has been keeping a lot of tourists away. We started the day by heading towards Dueling Dragons. We rode each dragon several times in the front row with no wait; most of the time nobody else was on the entire ride. About 11AM we did Posiedons Fury and had maybe 15 people in the show. By noon Spiderman had a 20 minute wait and Hulk had 15 minutes, but everything else was still a walk-on. We had gone on almost every ride at IOA by 11:30AM. On the way to the exit, about 2PM, we went on Spidey one more time (less than 10 minute wait) and Hulk once more (5 minutes). We spent a couple hours checking out some of the shops at CityWalk before heading back to Clearwater.

I was over this friday and Saturday and it was a ghost town. I have never seen the park as empty on a saturday before.

Does weekly attendance to a theme park constitute an addict?

If so, I am Doomed!

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