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Earning My Ears
Jul 4, 2000
A question arose from aour recent trip about pool hopping. We hopped to SAB on one day when we were staying at BWV with no problems.

We also popped into SAB again when we were staying at VB and visited Orlando for a little MORE shopping. I was advised by one CM that this was fine and that I should ask for a day pass for car parking. Another CM suggested that pool hopping was only permitted if staying at an Orlando property.

Who was right? We did actually pool hop sucessfully but were not given a day pass as I chickened out and said that I wanted to eat at the restaurant...so was given 4 hours parking. Also no one was checking at SAB.

Thanks for clarifying

You are only supposed to be allowed to pool hop if you are staying on points.
dianeschlicht....Jaga was staying at VB, presumably on points. I've seen on this board that VB may allow you to pool hop on a day trip down from WDW DVC's....wouldn't it make sense they would allow the opposite.

I think the safest is to call the resort, get permission and the name of whoever gave you that permission. All they can say is no.

It should be "staying on points at a WDW property". Of course, the number of people coming up from Vero to WDW is probably pretty small and it's nice if a CM makes an exception. Granny has a good idea....make the call and see what they say. ;)
I'm not sure that those staying at VB have pool hopping priviledges at WDW or the reverse for that matter. I know that there have been those that have been turned away from the pool at VB even though they were staying at a WDW DVC resort on points. Others have been allowed access.
Dean...like so many other things at Disney, it seems that you can get really different answers depending on whom you ask.

The member site used to have some explanation on pool hopping but I am unable to find it now. At best, pool hopping seems to be a semi-official privilege without a lot of documentation. As such, it's not surprising that different CM's have a different understanding of the rules.

So I still think the best is to call, get the CM's name if they give you permission, then head on up.

The wording on the members' website clearly and explicitly states the pool hopping privilege applies to members staying at VWL, OKW, and BWV and names those properties.


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