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Feb 16, 2001
Hi Everyone,
First, thanks to all for your great information.
We just returned from a weekend trip to Universal Orlando. I had originally booked a club room for 2 nights at the HRH. We arrived on Friday evening at about 6:30PM. The lobby was a zoo, people going in and out. I was on line for reception for approx 15 minutes. Finally I was called up, gave them my reservation info and the receptionist said I'll be right back. So we waited for another 10 minutes and the manager came to speak with us. He said unfortuneatley we have overbooked this resort but we have some options for you! He said he could put us into the Wyndham hotel for 2 nights or the Portofino Bay for one and on Saturday they would have a room for us at the HR. We chose the Portofino Bay because I thought the Wyndham was too far and I really wanted to stay onsite. They put us into the Portofino free of charge for the night and gave a free phone call. It was a regular room with a garden view but it really didn't matter it was on them. We were happy just to be there and looking forward to our days in the parks. We ate at the Trattoria Del Porto which was jammed packed. Luckily I had made reservations the day before and we were seated in 10 minutes. The food was good but not as good as I remembered from our last visit. We called it an early evening since we wanted to get up early enough to get to the Hard Rock the next day and to the parks. On Saturday morning we checked out of the Portofino and into the Hard Rock. It was early and the room wasn't ready but I was assured that I had a club room and all would be fine. They gave us the room keys and off we went to the parks. We had a great time at the Studios. I can't say enough about FOLT access. It was wonderful. The only line we waited on was for Terminator and even that was a short wait. FOTL is the best thing. We went back to HRH and got our room number 7032. When I got into the room it exceeded my expectations. It was beautiful, clean and a great view of the pool and a little of Islands of Adventure. I was in heaven! The management sent us a fruit basket with a note of apology which I thought was very nice since they had already comped us for the previous night at the Portofino. The room was spacious, just absolutley lovely. I'm calling tomorrow to make reservations for September. We can't wait to go back. FOTL was great we did both parks in record time. We ate at the Palm Restaurant Saturday night. The food was wonderful but pricey. We had lunch today at the Sunset Grill which was very nice and the food was good.
That's about it. If you have any questions I'll try to answer them. Thanks again for all your help.
I didn't think I needed to make ressies at the hotel restaurants! I guess I will now! Thanks!
What an incredible stroke of luck! Thanks for the details. I wouldn't mind that happening to me!


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Can you give more details on reservations for hotel restaurants - which ones do you need them for and which ones do you not? Do you call the hotel or restaurant direct for these? Type of food offered?

Wow! What a great attitude you had about the whole thing. Good for you! :D
I made reservations for the Trattoria Del Porto the day before I went. I needed reservations at The Palm Restaurant but I hadn't made any. I got lucky tho' they seated us in about 15 minutes but people that came in after us were turned away. The place was mobbed. Not an empty table anywhere in the place. We had lunch at the Sunset Grill at about 2:30 and had no problems at that time. I would recommend calling the hotel and making reservations for any of the restaurants you might want to try. Then again, I was there on a weekend and that might have been why there were so many people. I didn't think to use my room key to be seated so I don't really know if that would have worked.
Glad all worked out for you! We finally get to stay there this week-end, so might ask for your room #7032. Any diving to pool from there?
What were your happy hour experiences in club lounge?

Hi Neighbor,
Have fun this weekend!
We didn't use the pool and I can't remember if diving was allowed. I remember seeing people dive from the sides but I don't know if there was a diving board.
The Club room common areas were very nice. We got there late in the afternoon and there was beer, wine and some liquor (I don't remember which ones), also small sandwiches, cheese and crackers.
After dinner there was coffee, tea and cookies. I had hope there would be cordials but there weren't any. The morning fare consisted of muffins, bagels, cereals, donuts, juices, coffee & teas. You could also get bottled water and soda anytime.
Hope this helps. Let us know what your experience is when you get back.


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