Just back from HRH, any questions?


Feb 4, 2001
We just got back from 4 days at HRH and it and Universal completely exceeded my expectations! I was extremely impressed with the Hotel and for those trying to decide between the HRH and the PB, I would recommend the HRH over PB. I will tell you why when I write my trip report, probably within the next few days. I plan on making it very long and detailed because I know how much I enjoyed reading them. In the meantime, if I can answer any questions, let me know. Also, plan at least 4 nights! 3 is not enough! Staying on-site also makes a world of difference in the enjoyment of the trip as well (I'll get into that in the trip report too). Gotta catch up on laundry - Bye
Hey, first of all WELCOME BACK...


I can't wait to hear the details. Michael and I will be FINALLY going to the Hard Rock in May and I'm dying to hear everything... and I mean EVERYTHING!

Come back after the clothes are clean! :D


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I have a question, Cforza. Did you happen to notice whether the ultrasaur ( ultrasaurus ? ) in the Jurrasic Park ride is back in his lagoon? Thanks.
There was what appeared to be an Ultrasaur in the Lagoon but it may have just been an Apatasaurus or Brontasaurus! (Just kidding!) There was one dinosaur in the Lagoon but I don't remember what it was. I don't know if there should have been two. Sorry I can't help but it was my first time on the ride. By the way, I loved it! the funniest thing about the ride was the photograph at the end! The look on my sons face could be posted in the dictionary next to the word "horrified"

Ultrasaur is still under rehab. Just a few more weeks.
Have they implemented the new FOTL system for onsite guests? If so, how did it work out?

We're heading there in May ourselves (56 days to go!!) and are looking forward to the HRH as well as the parks.
No. We had FOTL access all day long. It was fantastic! We even rode many rides 2 and three times in a row! I want to go back but only if I can stay at the HRH and get FOTL all day. I would have to think long and hard about returning if these features were taken away. On my last trip to WDW 2 years ago I vowed not to go back because I didn't want to wait in line on my vacation and sure enough, I didn't go to WDW even though I was in Orlando. There are too many places to go on vacation where I am not wasting time in line. The reason we went to Universal was because of FOTL and it will be the reason I go back! Let's hope it never goes away!

Also, we got into the parks at 8:30 with early entry and there weren't lines for anyone until about 10:30. We didn't even have to show our cards until that time. we usually left by 1:00 each day because the parks became too crowded. Even with FOTL I don't like pushing my way through crowded walkways. My advice is go early, leave early, have lunch and a swim and then return around 5:00. The parks empty out again by that time and if your staying on site, it's just about 5-10minutes from the HRH back to the parks.

Thanks, both of you, for answering my dino question. My son has autism and misses the ultrasaur a lot. Cforza, usually when you go past the gates at the beginning of the ride there is a huge, long-necked dinosaur to greet you, but he's in the dino hospital as my son says, or in rehab as IOA Tech calls it. :)
Welcome back! I hope you include comments about all the places you ate when you write your trip report (I also love details!). :D

You were at HRH while I was? I was there from March 9 - 15. I was in a Deluxe Room facing the pool area and the Citywalk/IOA area though hard to see from the 2nd floor. Had room #2134 which is right on a seam in the building where it turns.

Lots of room for sure and very comfortable and luxurious. Service was good at times and somewhat fair to poor at others especially with housekeeping.

Like you I'd be glad to entertain any questions as well and will post my trip report in as much detail as possible without being windy in the next few days.

By the way, I was one of the several that was very worried about FOTL. Well, it worked great and we never had any limits imposed on us. In fact, my 10 year old and I rode the Hulk 3 times back to back. My father and I rode Fearfall 4 times in a row as well. FOTL as it now is for HRH and PB guests is great as far as I'm concerned as I was one of the harshest critics based upon what I was hearing here.

By the way, Mardi Gras was great and I want to thank CoasterFEV and Earl for a wonderful time at Universal. It was great.

Ah, for one more trip on the Hulkster.....and MIB was my downfall...

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