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    Sep 17, 1999
    I am just back from 7 nights, 8 days at WDW. We LOVED the DDP! I will be posting a dining report with tons of food porn soon! They allowed people with TS to trade them for a CS plus a coupon for either 2 snacks or pin trading lanyard( which came with a cute Mickey on an airplane trading pin!). We also had a few instances where despite clearly telling the CM we wanted to charge someting to the room, they took it off our snack credits instead. I went to the concierge desk at WL and was able to get the snacks put back on my card and bottles of water charged to my room as I had intended. It was a bit of a pain. This happened to us on several occasions despite making it very clear that we didn't want to use snack credits.:confused3 Also, were able to get the Hotdog with fries, large drink and brownie from Casey's Corner. Previously people were being told that the fries were extra. We were also able to get the sliced apple cup with carmel dip from Roaring Forks as a snack OR as a dessert with CS. This was a very yummy treat after all of the chocolate cake and brownies we had all week! All CS allowed us to have a large drink. All TS allowed us to get either smoothie or shake as our drink, however no refills.:sad1: I was with DS and they always gave us children's menu even though he is listed as an "adult". I only paid OOP one time for his TS and that was at Wolfgang Puck's because he didn't want anyting on their adult menu there. I would have to say that I would rather skip dessert at dinner and have 2 snacks per day, because I thought that 1 snack wasn't enough and dessert after dinner and appetizer, was too much. Any questions, please ask!:goodvibes

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