June 9th Report

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    Jan 27, 2001
    OK here it is. I'm simply going to ramble based on what I remember... what was good and what could be improved... Oh that's right!! It's Disney... not much need for improvement, just add a little bit more pixie dust!! We had a wonderful time. These boards were excellent. Our entire trip lasted 18 days, 1 day before the cruise, 7 on the cruise, 4 days a Vero, followed by 6 at WDW. We're DVC members and we can't seem to get enough!! Just purchased my 3rd contract (2nd via resale). We stayed the night before at the Airport Sheraton and took Tiffany Towncar to the port. Worked out great. Check-in is a breeze. After check-in we ate at Topsiders, checked out the kids area and then went swimming. We swam most every morning. Afternoon is not the time to swim unless you're hopping in then out of the pool as they can be very crowded between 11 and 4. We did not opt for Palos or High tea and upon crusing didn't even know if we would eat at our early seating or simply opt for Topsiders. We didn't want any plans other than relaxation. As it ended up we stuck with our normal rotataion. We had early seating, however I don't think it would have mattered since our DS and DD did not eat with us much anyway. The kids clubs are great. In my view it was supposed to be a FAMILY vacation so I didn't want the kids there all the time and many times said "no" during the day. They absolutely loved it and went most evenings. The food was great, I gained 8lbs!! The best bargain on the ship, the 24oz refillable beer mugs. They're about $15 but only 2.75 to refill. I'm not a big drinker, but I had my fill. Most mornings I was up by 6 and running around Deck 4. I met and ran with "Grocer Dave", a DVC member from Pittsburg who also runs marathons and ran with him many mornings. Dave if you read these boards send me your e-mail. I would then go up to the pools to shower/rinse off then jump into the pool, then sit on deck 10 at the stern and stretch. What a great way to start the day. I won best Pinocchio legs in a legs contest while my wife attended a jewrely and gemstone seminar. She was hooked after that and we spent the next day shopping for a jewelry which I had done no research on. HUSBANDS, DON'T LET YOUR WIVES ATTEND THIS SEMINAR. It may cost you more than your cruise. We ended up purchasing at Majesty Jewelers and after doing some shopping here at home to clear my conscience, determined we paid about 30% of retail. DD had her hair braided on St. Martin. We paid $1/braid which came to $57. Hint, negotiate for the whole head. We heard people got a "whole head" for $40. On St. Thomas we went to Megan's Bay. We were at the beach by 8:30. Only about a dozen people were there. It was wonderful. By afternoon it was pretty crowded. We left around 2. It's like stepping into a magazine cover. Castaway Cay is pretty but not as pretty as Megan's bay. It's also more crowded than it's shown in any brochere. Not a downer, it was a wonderful place, just don't expect a deserted island, there's 2500 people getting off the boat. The cruise met all our expectations, we're planning on going back next summer. Eastern or Western we're not sure. Our servers were excellent as well as our room steward. We visited Shutters a couple times a day. I took the galley tour as well as attended the navigator series. As usual, Disney does things right regarding family vacations.

    Vero Beach was total relaxation. It's a very pretty resort. There's the beach, pool and mini golf. Swimming/Relaxing occupied our time. The kids loved the campfire. For adults... well, you have to enjoy it because the kids enjoy it. I ran an hour along the beach one morning and counted 49 "fresh" turtle tracks/nests. The place must be a super-highway for sea turtle nesting. If I had any doubt, I didn't count it.

    WDW was WDW, fun but not as relaxing as Vero or the Cruise. We stayed at WL. The transportation there is slow. It takes forever to get from point A to point B around the world. We waited 50 minutes for a bus at Epcot back to the resort around 12 (my only complaint). We stayed 3 days at the Swan and Dolphin. The rooms need some updating, they're starting to show their wear.

    Overall had a wonderful time. We'll be back.
  2. FLfamilyof 4

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    Mar 16, 2001
    Hi DOOGIERUNNER and Family! I had been thinking of you guys everyday for 9 days after the cruise, "jealous" that you were still on vacation. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. My DD & DS still talk about your DS & DD! We have video with you guys on it, but no photos. Perhaps you would consider sending us one of you all for our photo scrapbook. Let me know via email please! :D

    We were glad to met you on the cruise. Take Care! Merricki :sunny:
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    Aug 2, 2000
    We were at Magen's too, and left by 1:30. It seemed that around 1:00 that it got very crowded with Grand Princess cruisers. I wonder if one of their tours dropped them off at Magen's at that time.

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