Jan 8th Wonder - Day 1

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    We preceded the cruise with 3 nights at Old Key West. While there we spent some time at Magic Kingdom, Epcot (Soarin') & MGM. Meals were Sci Fi Dine In and Concourse Steakhouse. We also spent a couple nights at Comedy Warheouse....overall a great time! This was SB's very first cruise, and he wasn't sure what to expect. This was my 18th cruise (9th on Disney) and it was important to me that he ends up wanting to go on my 19th at some point!

    SUNDAY JANUARY 8, 2006:

    Who: Sue (47), DVC Member
    SB (48), Sexy Boyfriend

    Plan: Board Disney Wonder, Palo dinner

    Actual: I was up around 7:30, and SB slept until 9. I finished the biscotti and had some cappuccino for breakfast. He’ll be waiting until we get on the ship, since I didn’t bring a 3rd packet of hot chocolate! I finished packing up our stuff and we were on the road right about 10. Arriving at the terminal went very smoothly, and we were part of group number 10 for boarding (boarded about 12:15).

    When I booked the cruise I assumed our dining rotation would be TAAP, since on every one of my 8 previous Disney cruises I’ve had that. It always seemed to be the “adults” rotation, particularly at 2nd seating. Based on that I wanted to book Palo on the night we were scheduled for Triton’s, since that would be my least favorite menu of the 3. I love the pirate night menu, and want SB to see the colors change in Animator’s Palate, so that left Parrot Cay or Triton’s to be missed. I thought Parrot Cay had a few things he’d really like (ribs, mixed grill, chicken wings) so I went ahead and booked Palo for tonight assuming we’d be scheduled for Triton’s. When I checked the website the week before the cruise, I saw we were on the PTTA rotation (you can tell based on your dining time – we were given 8:30). I decided not to change the rotation or the Palo reservation – this way we’ll be in the most formal restaurant for “dress up” night tomorrow, and he can at least see Parrot Cay if we go there for the buffet today after we get on the ship. As it turned out though, Parrot Cay was filled so we were directed to Beach Blanket Buffet.

    The food was very good – I especially liked the pork scallopine. He liked that too, and tried the steak, shrimp, and a number of other items. We ate out on deck, where it was a little cool but comfortable enough. By the time we finished eating it was almost time for the cabins to be ready. We wandered around a bit, then headed down to deck 7. We’re in cabin 7548, which is midship and the first cabin away from the elevators. He hates to walk, so this way there’s no long hallway to walk down!

    One of our suitcases came quickly, so I unpacked that while he relaxed on the bed. The cabin is very nice – he liked it very much. The verandah is so nice to have, and hopefully we’ll be able to make use of it at some point. Right now the sun was beating down on that side and it was a bit warm! This being Sunday and SB being a sports guy, he was concerned about football games – something that never entered my mind! We went down to Diversions, where the 1:30 game was playing. I could smell the leftover smoke (smoking is permitted after 9pm) but it was tolerable. We found a table in front of the biggest screen in the room (oh joy) and watched the game for a little while. I went up to the bar to get us drinks, and met a very drunk man who wanted to impress me by talking about his experience as a bartender and specifically the drink called a long slow screw. Yikes! This was not my idea of fun! Finally I get back to the table with our drinks and SB is fussing because it took so long (grrr). We got a Bahama Mama for him and a BBC (bailey’s cream of coconut, banana) for me. Mine was really good, but a bit filling – so I didn’t mind when he drank most of it, lol! He got a hot dog from the snacks they set out, and it was pretty good. Once the drinks were done I decided to take a break, and left for a while.

    I checked to see if the 2nd suitcase had arrived, but there was no sign of it. I went down to deck 4 and walked a mile, then wandered around briefly before returning to check on the suitcase again. Still no sign of it, so I went back to Diversions to join him. You’d think I’d deserted him for days, lol – he asked why I was gone so long (35 minutes) <g>. We weren’t there too much longer, then returned to the cabin & found the other suitcase waiting. I unpacked, and then it was time for the mandatory lifeboat drill. The new life jackets are so much more comfortable than the old ones! The drill lasted about 10 minutes, then we dropped the life jackets off in the cabin and he headed up to Diversions for the 4:30 game. I puttered around the cabin briefly and then joined him. This time the place was filling up.

    He would have been happy to sit in Diversions and do nothing but watch football for the next 4 hours, but I insisted on doing the sailaway. Unfortunately, some player got hurt and by the time we got up to deck 10 we were already quite a ways from the dock! Up to this point he didn’t understand what the big deal was about experience the sailing away. However, once he got out there he was so glad I dragged him up there, and thought it was really cool. We stood up on deck 10 and stayed until we were out in the open ocean. By then I was freezing, as I’d forgotten to bring my jacket when I left the cabin. Eventually we went back inside – him to Diversions, me to the cabin to update the report. The sun was setting from our side of the ship, and it was gorgeous! I went back down to Diversions to join him about 5:45, knowing he hated being there alone and wanting to spend time with him rather than at the laptop.

    We stayed until halftime, then returned to the cabin & relaxed until it was time for dinner. He was amazed at how smooth and steady the ship was. We were dining in Palo tonight at 7 and left shortly before then. I wore a black dress, and he wore dress slacks and a sports coat. I think this is the most dressed up we’d ever been when going out somewhere, and it was nice to see him like that! We were greeted at Palo and seated right away at a table by the window. Our waiter (Kristo) was excellent, and did a wonderful job for us. I’d told SB the service & food quality were far beyond what we’d see in any old restaurant, and it didn’t take too long for him to start seeing that. Kristo would thank us each time he had the opportunity to do something for us (bring another drink, refill our water).

    We decided to each get one of the specials that were not on the regular menu. SB had the atlantic cod over risotto, and the seafood soup as his appetizer. The soup was a broth loaded with a lot of clams, scallops, grouper, and other seafood. He was amazed by the taste, but couldn’t believe his taste buds when he tried his entrée – he said it was the best thing he’d ever eaten! I started with the buffalo mozzarella and tomato appetizer, then had a penne pasta with chicken entrée. I could barely eat half the pasta, but it was delicious. At one point SB knocked his knife on the floor, and picked it up. Kristo was at our table within a minute, quietly saying he’d heard a noise and asking which utensil needed to be replaced! He also told us we were not permitted to leave without dessert, so we ordered one chocolate soufflé and one pistachio torte. We didn’t even finish half of either of them, we were so full. The more times I have the chocolate soufflé the less impressed I am – it’s still good, but not that “to die for” experience it was in the beginning.

    When Kristo came back to get our signed check for the meal & drinks he noticed SB had barely touched the second beer he’d ordered. SB was in the restroom – I explained to Kristo the beer was fine, but SB was just too full to drink it. He offered to put it in a cup for us to take with us, but I said no thank you. At that point he said he was taking it off our check! I thought that was really nice, and completely unexpected and unnecessary since we’d ordered the beer!

    After dinner we tried to stop by Shutters to see the embarkation photo but it was an absolute zoo there. Hundreds of people were lined up for dinner at Animator’s Palate, despite being told there’s no reason to line up! You couldn’t see a single picture because the line of bodies filled in all of Shutters. We went to the Walt Disney Theater and got seats for the 8:30 Hercules.

    We had 10 minutes to wait for the show to start, which wasn’t bad. I moved from one side of him to the other at least 3 times, trying to see over the big head of the little boy who kept moving from his mother’s lap to standing at an empty seat. I noticed when I moved, someone behind me also moved, so eventually I just said screw it and didn’t worry about what the kid’s head blocked! Then there was another lovely child TALKING out loud for the longest time, without any of the parents or grandparents taking him out or shushing him – they did get involved when the younger sister began choking & coughing, but again did not ever remove either noisy child. It was unreal – I realize this show is for the early seating guests, where most of the kids are, but I almost hate coming to shows on a Disney cruise. On HAL cruise shows there will be some kids, but I’ve never seen anyone who’d sit there while their kids were disrupting others and do nothing!

    SB really liked the show, more than I did. I thought it was soooooooo corny, and full of really bad puns. I did enjoy the music, but that’s about it. After the show we went back to the stateroom and talked about what we felt like doing. We went out on the verandah and he was amazed how nice it was out there, and how beautiful with the moon reflecting on the water. I was glad I got the verandah, as we are enjoying it even though we’re not spending hours sitting out there. We left the door open to enjoy the night air and the sound of the ocean hitting the ship. Cruising isn’t what he thought it would be at all – he’s loving it! We ended up staying in and spending our first night of cruising without other people around.
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    Just wanted to say thanks for all the details!
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    I can't wait for my first cruise too! :hyper:

    Thanks for posting! On to day 2 :goodvibes
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    Thanks for sharing your report, we will be on this cruise next year, so it's great to see how you got on :)

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