Jan 19th Cruise DIS meets (Final)


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Sep 19, 1999
Friday Jan 18th
Radisson Pool at the Port 7-9

Saturday Jan 19th
Deck 10 AFT right after saftey drill

Sunday Jan 20th
Deck 7 AFT Secret Verandah 1:00
  • MNmom

    DIS Veteran
    Jun 5, 2000

    I spoke to Shirley (The Perfect Gift) this afternoon while ordering baskets for my DDs and DM (mom). She was so friendly and helpful. I am sure our baskets will be great--she has great ideas too!!

    Anyway.... She mentioned that she has also spoken to others on our DIS group and would love to come to the Radisson on Friday night to meet some of us!!! We will have a real celebrity at our Radisson meet!! She also posted on another thread that she hopes to meet up with some of the Jan. 19th cruisers that she has spoken to over the phone. I do hope that she and Norm are able to make it. She commented on how wonderful the people from the DIS have been to her and especially for their thoughts and prayers during Norms illness.

    I just wanted to pass this along as I am getting more and more excited everyday!!

    Happy Cruisin' MNmom:jester:

    SC Minnie

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    May 18, 2001
    Just wanted to bump this up in case someone missed it.
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