Is it to early for this? Budget artificial xmas tree

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by KennedyMcKenna, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. KennedyMcKenna

    KennedyMcKenna Mouseketeer

    Mar 5, 2009
    Ok folks,

    We're thinking of making the transition to artificial Christmas tree from real trees, which I think is sad. But I understand its bad for the environment, and can simulate the smell with candles. Any eyes out there on bargains on about six foot trees that are not prelit?

    Thanks a million buds!:hug::grouphug::flower3:
  2. Shelly F - Ohio

    Shelly F - Ohio Disney Extraordinaire

    Feb 22, 2004
    I see you are in Michigan and I believe there are Pat Catan craft stores in your area. Try looking there for a tree. 3 years ago we got a 6 ft prelit tree for $99.00 and I love it.

    Or try Michael craft store.
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  4. Va-bear

    Va-bear BEAR!

    Jun 7, 2006
    We made this move a few years ago for the same reasons...but it IS sad!:guilty:
  5. Traveliz

    Traveliz DIS Veteran

    Aug 8, 2000
    I made this move quite a few years ago after getting sick each year after putting the real tree up (allergies). I finally decided it wasn't worth it and I LOVE my artificial tree. I also loved going out and getting one etc - but I do love having the artificial tree. I will say once I decided I decided not to worry so much about price - mine was 9 1/2 feet and cost 300.00 and is not prelit. It paid for itself in 5 years.

    I still love it.

  6. Big Kahuna

    Big Kahuna Super Silent Lurker

    Feb 10, 2005
    Just a thought... Stay with a real tree this year, and wait until after Xmas... When we went artificial, we bought a tree that we had seen and wanted at Sears. Prior to the Holidays it was expensive, but the day after Xmas it was at 50% off... :thumbsup2
  7. pperfectmom

    pperfectmom <font color=teal>Has the sense of direction of a m

    May 11, 2006
    No ideas on where to buy an artificial one but, for the record, real trees are a heck of a lot better for the environment than a fake one that will eventually end up in the landfill and create goodness knows how many toxins during production. Live trees are farmed and therefore replanted. They produce oxygen the whole time they are growing and don't need chemicals or fertilizers. After use they can be ground up for mulch or tossed over the hill for animals to nest in.
  8. Pixiedust34

    Pixiedust34 <font color=blue>It's like I'm stuck in a music ti

    Jun 23, 2005
    I agree! You might find some great tree bargains either the week before Christmas (when most people already have a tree up and decorated and are no longer shopping for one so the prices will be reduced) or after Christmas on final clearance.
  9. Shelly F - Ohio

    Shelly F - Ohio Disney Extraordinaire

    Feb 22, 2004
    JcPenneys always has the tree list online in the outlet section after X-mas too.

  10. DisneyDizzy

    DisneyDizzy Mouseketeer

    Mar 1, 2007
    I tend to agree with this. I don't see how they can be any worse for the environment than an artificial tree. They are planted for this purpose and replaced after cutting.

    For the record, we have an artificial tree. We alternate between a real tree and a fake tree. If we are going to be traveling we use the artificial tree. If it is Christmas at home we will go cut one down. :santa:

    We got our tree on QVC. I loved using Easy Pay. Also, we had until January 31 to send it back if we didn't like it or the pre-lit lights didn't work. It wasn't super cheap but it is very beautiful. Many people think it is real.
  11. jdes88

    jdes88 Mouseketeer

    Mar 27, 2008
    I just got a new artifical tree last year from KMART after christmas for 75% off---it's prelit, which i love

    I have developed allergies to real trees and can no longer have them otherwise I break out in a huge rash!! :):rotfl:
  12. lindsmom

    lindsmom DIS Veteran

    Oct 15, 2007
    This is true - I had bought an artificial tree years ago, thinking I was saving all those poor trees (I feel so bad seeing those brown dead trees on the side of the road, chopped down just for a few weeks) - and then I saw a report last year that environmental groups recommend choosing christmas trees in the following order:

    1. replantable trees (with the rootball)
    2. chopped down trees (like PP said, they're compostable)
    3. artificial trees (last as long in a landfill as diapers once they're disposed of - all those real trees will be long broken down before one artifical one is)

    I'm not trying to be on a soapbox or anything - I was really surprised and bummed to hear I had made the wrong choice. I'm just passing along the info.
  13. swilshire

    swilshire DIS Veteran

    Jan 26, 2004
    You might find a good deal on Black Friday. We got ours at Joannes.

    We only go artificial when we are going out of town for the holidays. I much prefer the real trees we get from the local tree farm. They cost a few bucks, but they look different every year. It's hard to vary the looks much of the artificial one since it's always the same size and shape.

  14. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot DIS Veteran

    Mar 5, 2007
    Thanks for that! Good perspective.

    Alas, we've considered artificial the last few years, because I'm sick and tired of the arachnids the real trees bring into our house! BLEAH!

    Then again, maybe any fluffy thing set near a window and left for a month would attract them...but honestly I think they are on the tree when we bring it into the house. :sick:

    Still up in the air...
  15. Keishag

    Keishag Mouseketeer

    Feb 5, 2009
    If you have a local Craigslist, I'd try there. I've been seeing quite a few already from either people doing just the opposite (giving up the artificial for a real) or down-(or up I suppose)grading. You can get a nearly new tree for pretty inexpensive.

    ETA: Just read the post above me about the bugs. YICK! That is the single reason I've never owned a real tree. I've heard too many horror stories of the bugs they bring in. FWIW, my fake is also set up next to a window and for nearly 2 months (I get it up early) and we've never had any problems with bugs. :)
  16. PatriciaH

    PatriciaH I want to be an Imagineer!

    Feb 24, 2002
    I have never had bugs from a real tree. We just shake it out a bit before bringing it in.
  17. gardengalB4

    gardengalB4 DIS Veteran

    Jan 24, 2008
    I would try Sears or Garden Ridge on Black Friday.
    Two years ago I decided it was time for a new artificial tree...the old one had been out of high school for a year...:rotfl2:& was showing it's age.:rotfl:
    I found one I loved at Sears on Black Friday...but we didn't arrive early enough-they were all out....
    So later in the day we tried Garden Ridge & were pleasantly surprised with the prices & choices!:thumbsup2

    The first 3 years we were married my husband & I had real trees-I worked at a place that sold them & got a great deal.That 3rd year-the tree sapped all over my tree skirt as well as the ornaments & they turned black.On Christmas eve my mom was at Walmart & she got me a artificial tree marked really cheap-it turned out to be a great tree & lasted a long time.

    I would be leary of waiting until after Christmas to try to find a tree in this economy-the stores may be keeping their inventory tighter in order to avoid taking huge markdowns after the holiday.Last year I remember Michaels having no trees/ornaments left right before Christmas! :confused3
  18. Va-bear

    Va-bear BEAR!

    Jun 7, 2006
    Good point that I forgot to mention. We got ours at Target after Xmas for 75% off - w/in 2 uses we'd paid less for it than _1_ real! Now, we're going into year 4 or 5 - so its been 'free' for 2-3 year!:thumbsup2:rotfl::goodvibes

    Great Bargain deal!
  19. wdwfan16

    wdwfan16 DIS Veteran

    Jul 21, 2009
    Non-prelit are getting hard to find. We got ours at a seasonal Christmas store at Halloween. They usually have a 50% off sale that weekend, which they open. The selection is great and we get a great price.
  20. NYCDiane

    NYCDiane DIS Veteran

    May 31, 2009
    Too late/too early for this suggestion, but I would wait until after the New Year to purchase an artificial tree. Earlier this year, I got my daughter a very cute PINK pre-lit 4' tree for her bedroom. The cost? $5 on final holiday clearance. I also got a 6' tree for our livingroom --- not sure if it's pre-lit or not ---- for less than $10 (I don't remember the exact cost).

    Maybe you can choose "the one" --- then buy a cheaper one for this year and get "the one" after the holiday season is totally over and everything is on clearance.
  21. timzagain

    timzagain Rena

    Apr 18, 2007
    We made the switch to an artificial tree about 10 years ago. We live in the tropics - the "real" evergreen Christmas tree are imported. They are ridiculously expensive, and because they've been cut so long before the actual holiday, they can often look really bad by Christmas day. I got so fed up with buying ugly Christmas trees at exhorbitant prices, I went out and bought an artificial tree. I have not regretted that choice for a minute.

    From an environmental standpoint, I am not sure which is worse a real evergreen tree, which involves the use of fuel for shipping, not to mention the energy cost of keeping them cool pre-sale OR an artificial tree that gives me 10 or more years of use before I discard it.

    Our local trees don't lend themselves to being used as a substitute for an evergreen. They're either to cumbersome for indoor use, or they suck up lots of water (another environmental issue in an almost water-scarce island like ours) I tried one a few years ago - to keep it green I had to feed it a bucket of water every day!

    Actually, an artificial tree won't be discarded entirely - I have salvaged branches from a retired artificial tree which became craft material. Napkin rings, candle rings, mini-wreaths, holiday centerpieces - the opportunities for re-purposing an artificial tree are endless.

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