Is ABD worth it?

Discussion in 'Adventures By Disney' started by DVC Mike, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. DVC Mike

    DVC Mike DIS Veteran DIS Lifetime Sponsor

    Aug 25, 2007
    We're considering a possible Adventures by Disney vacation in 2009. I've seen the DVD and read the brochure. It sounds nice.

    From those of you who have taken an ABD vacation:

    - Would you take another ABD vacation?
    - Would you recommend ABD to others?
    - Do you think the vacations are over-priced?
    - What are the pros and cons of ABD?

    Thanks for any feedback from those of you that have taken an ABD vacation!
  2. MariaTia

    MariaTia Mouseketeer

    Oct 7, 2007
    YES, Yes and no - the pros are Adventures By Disney is just like anything Disney - top notch, full of wonderful surprises and efficient! WE all loved our Viva Italia tour in May 2007! It was the best of everything! I don't think you will regret booking a tour with ABD or spending that much money - well worth it! The hotels, local tour guides, the ease of everything travel related, the meals, were the BEST - my AAA travel agent said it was the best agenda and hotels of any other tour company she had dealt with. Can't wait to go on another ABD tour - just trying to decide which one and to save up the money!
  3. dingoballs

    dingoballs Mouseketeer

    Jun 18, 2006
    I agree with MariaTia... We went on the Spirit of America & Southwest Splendors trips this year. Both were wonderful! Next year we're going on the Enchanted China trip. Then for 2009, we'll probably go on the Viva Italia trip. Once you've taken an ABD, you'll know what we mean! :)
  4. MJGirl

    MJGirl DIS Veteran

    Mar 31, 2006
    Hi ... I took the London/Paris tour last July, and here are my answer to your questions:

    1. Yes ... I'm already signed up for my 2nd ABD. My daughter and I are booked on the Backstage Magic tour next August!
    2. Yes ... I have told a lot of people at work about ABD and have passed around the brochure! I have told my TA to pass on the great vacation that ABD has to offer! Also, I blogged my trip (see link below) and have been told that it helped influence some people!
    3. At first glance, yes, I thought it was expensive, so I started pricing it out myself. Some things in the tour, you could not put a price tag on, such as a back stage tour of the sets of Mary Poppins, being first in line to climb Notre Dame (especially since it was a rainy day, and we got to go on the stairs before the crowds did), and finally, not having to stand in any lines to go visit attractions, like Versailles and the Louvre. Yes you can do it on your own, but the Disney extras make it worth the money!
    4. Pros - First class hotels, excellent meals, great friendly Disney guides, no long lineups for tickets, lots of lovely Disney touches.
    5. Cons - Everything started so early in the morning (we are night people :rotfl: ) Can't really think of anything else!
  5. LocustPoint

    LocustPoint DIS Veteran

    Aug 1, 2007
    I took the Southwest Splendor trip this past summer and enjoyed it so much that my DH and I are taking two trips with ABD in 2008. We are doing the Coasting the Golden State is June and Backstage Magic in Dec. While I love planning trips I also loved not having to worry about the little details associated with a multi destination trip. The Disney guides go above and beyond when things don't go the way they should and the local experts also add to each trip.
    I have recommended ABD to alot of people and will continue to do so. While they are more money than other escorted tours its the little details that Disney does so well and make ABD a good value.

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