IOA and Universal Weekend After Thanksgiving


Proud to be an American
Jan 11, 2001
Does anybody have a good schedule on which day I should visit which park (Starting Saturday, the weekend AFTER THANKSGIVING) I was planning on IOA on Sunday and Universal on Monday. But If somebody has a better plan for that weekend let me know pleeeeeeeeeeeese.


Barry Hom
The moderator formerly known as Barry aka usagi
Moderator, Universal and Sea World Boards
I know I'm not giving you the exact answer you asked for but this might help anyway. we went the Sunday before Thanksgiving 2000. It was incredibly low volume at IOA in the am. DH and DD rode that new Unicorn ride 7x in a row and they didn't make them get off. DS got on Hulk twice in a row with no wait. Less than 15 minutes for Spiderman. Had lunch at NBA City. Great lunch and practically the onmly ones in the place. Went to Studios after which was slighly more crowded than IOA but still no longer than 20min. wait for anything including MIB, ET and Back to the Future. To make a long story short. Pick Sunday if thats an option I think that must be a good day to go.
We were there on the Sun after this past Thanksgiving and it was great....hardly anyone and no waiting! Hope this helps!!


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