In Praise of Quieter Restaurants —help me with the list!


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Mar 22, 2001
We are here for a couple of weeks. My DH broke his hip 6 months ago, and is doing well on this trip. But louder and more crowded restaurants are grinding on his nerves. So I thought a list of more sedate restaurants would be a handy resource.

So far, quieter have been:
Booth at Hollywood Brown Derby
Monsieur Paul’s (not surprisingly)
Boathouse on the porch
Coral Reef at opening by the tank
Sunshine seasons for a snack break
Satuuli canteen early in the day

Worth requesting a table on the side and waiting for it:
Crystal Palace
San Angel
Wine Bar George

Intolerable noise and bustle (we weren’t expecting these to be quite so wild and crammed.
We obviously are avoiding the Chef Mickeys, etc of the dining options)
Le Cellier
Cali Grill
Trattoria Al Forno

What would,you add to the More Sedate List?
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That's a really tough one at Disney, with kids so prevalent at the restaurants. I'm not sure I would include Coral Reef on the quiet list, based on our experience. Boma always seems a little louder, too! Quieter restaurants that come to mind from our experience would include Jiko (at AKL), Blue Zoo (at Dolphin), and perhaps (only been there once since reopening) Narcoossees at GF. The outdoor deck at Wine Bar George was pretty nice for us, too! But the entire experience will depend on where you sit and the people you sit near. Hope you can find the sedate....!
Lunch at Ale and Compass at Yacht Club, LTT when it first ones is pretty quiet

The tables at Boma are pretty close to each especially the 2 tops.Crystal Palace is character dining so is going to have lots of kids.
Boma and Crystal Palace worked due to getting the first seating for lunch at CP and opening for Boma. The trick was by the window at Boma and a window table as far from the buffet as possible at CP, I feel like I now need a shirt that says Get Off My Lawn !
This is a difficult question to answer because it depends a lot on how busy the restaurant is and the guests at the nearby tables. All it takes is a rowdy group at the next table and your dream of a quiet meal goes out the window.

My suggestion would be to have lunch (after 12:00pm, since sometimes people check out at eleven and go for a bite to eat) or an early dinner at a nearby resort, as the resort restaurants can sometimes be less busy in the afternoon and early evening. Eating meals at off times (early or late) can help. Going to a restaurant when they first open for a particular meal seating can help. Requesting a quieter area can help. However, none of these suggestions will help if there is just one noisy party near you, and that is something you will never know in advance.
Turf Club is usually more relaxing.

I have had an absolutely miserable meal at Cali Grill in one of the “supposedly” quieter side rooms thanks to non-parenting parents letting their kids run around the tables and play on phones and tablets with the sound on.

Same at Kona. I really wish Disney would post No electronics without headphones in all the restaurants. I can’t stand’s how many people face time out do speaker calls.

Same on buses.
It was our first time at Cali. Dinner at 7:30. I could not believe the number of screaming children with shellshocked parents making no attempt to distract or quiet. And there was a very large group of bridesmaids literally screaming and conducting a bachelorette at decibel levels that would have been over the top in a raucous bar. It was insane.
Primo Piatto at Riviera.

They have some outdoor seating just outside, and also some tables down by the water. I've always found it to be a lovely, peaceful setting.
Toppolinos last night was great for not insane. I asked for not in middle of room.the young woman doing check in was rather snippy and asked exactly what I was requesting. I said, on the side. She said it wasn't an option. I said window? She said it might be a long wait. I said okay. She said , are you sure? I said , no cast compliment for you. Actually , I said, we aren't in a hurry. We don't want to be in the middle of the room. She said, huffily, I will put it in. I got a text 45 seconds later the table was ready. One row over from window on fireworks side. Certainly lots of kids and activity, but no screaming kids, no Bachelorettes, and enough space between tables not to feel squeezed.
Trattoria Al Forno isn't noisy for a late breakfast. I thought it was, dare I say, quiet.
I'll add Chef Mickey's, Rainforest Cafe, T-Rex cafe, and San Angel Inn to the intolerable list. Maybe even contempo cafe too, since the Chef Mickey's noise bleeds over. Really just being inside the contemporary a-frame is always loud.

Inside Satuli Canteen has been quiet recently because they are checking for mobile orders at the door. Especially if you go very early or late.

Jaleo is worth waiting for a side table. The center of the restaurant can be loud with the kitchen, but there are some booths along the side where you're somewhat isolated.

Jungle Skipper Canteen seems very loud, but they do have some smaller side rooms that are much quieter.

Jiko was very quiet when I went in December, even right in the middle of the restaurant.


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