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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by luvmyredheadboys, Feb 10, 2010.

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    Feb 10, 2010
    I have cruised before on other lines so this our first Disney and we are so excited!!! We have been to Disney 4 times but this is our first cruise with them. We had a cruise booked for Nov with RCCL and had to cancel because I found out that I am expecting and will be due around Sep/Oct It is a total shock to us!! I have 3 boys and thought we were done...Surprise!!!
    Anyway how do I book a cruise and include a baby that is not born yet? Do I make up a fake name and birthday and then change it after he is born? (I say HE because I know I have no chance of it being a girl ;( The baby will be appromx 5 months old or so when we cruise. We are looking at the Feb27th on the Dream. Any room suggestions would be great also. My parents are going to so I can put one of boys with them or I may just get 2 balcony rooms that are connecting or should I forgo the space and get a family balcony room? But would cost close to same I think?? Sorry this is alot for my first post!! But I do apperciate any help!!
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    Hey Welcome aboard April:yay:
    Congrats on the new baby:goodvibes
    Not sure how you add on a yet to be born baby.
    Maybe think of going with a travel agent for the first cruise at least. Dreams Unlimited (they run this site-see link at top of page) has some really great people that take alot of the guess work out of booking.

    I would recommend 2 connecting rooms versus a family balcony room as you get 2 bathrooms that way.

    Good luck!!
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    We put our baby on before he was born. You tell them just that... you are expecting and want to put the infant on. Ours said Baby LastName and did not have a birthdate. Then, when the baby is born, call back with the real name and birthday. They change it and it is easy as can be. Making that call was a very exciting thing for me and something I really looked forward to!

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    Dec 4, 2003
    How you book a baby not yet born is to book Last name (yours), first name "to be determined," THey will list the age as infant. After the child is born, you change the info on the reservation to reflect the name and date of birth. A good TA can take care of this for you.

    As to rooms, it's really up to you. There will be 6 of you and your parents--total 8 people? You can book 2 rooms of 4. DCL doesn't care who sleeps where, but they care who books where. Or you can do a cabin for 5 and one for 3 (this will cost more). As for sleeping, you will have 4 beds in your cabin + they'll add a pack and play crib for the baby. SO, one child could sleep with the grandparents regardless of how it was booked...or you can get a total of 3 rooms for the 8 of you...or whatever you wish!

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