I'm going to be moving...

Spaceman Spiff

one by one, cleaning the universal boards of riff-
Apr 6, 2000
to Orlando in 6 months for school at UCF and I really want to work at IOA or US as a tour guide. Can anybody tell me how to go about doing this? I also want to intern with Universal, is there anybody out there who can give me some information on that also?


Just wanted to say I'm happy you made your school decision.
You need to contact the Human Resources department. They are on the Universal website. There's not many positions for tour guides, so keep your options open. Good luck!
I'm also planning on moving to Orlando in 2002. And I would also like to know what jobs are open at Universal.
What positions would you suggest? I would really like to intern, what types of jobs would a PR/AD intern be able to obtain? I also have Management exprience, if that helps any.




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