I'm back to be inspired again by WISH members!

Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by CrzyforPiglet, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. CrzyforPiglet

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    Sep 12, 2001
    Morning everyone!

    I was a diehard WISH member about 2 years ago and did great with the encouragement and accountability. Well fastforward to now and I'm back where I started from - about 40lbs. more than what I want to be. I don't deal well with change and always end up gaining weight after major life changes and in the past two years we bought our first home and had a baby so I'd say those are pretty major! We're going to WDW in less than 7 weeks and I'd really like to lose at least 10lbs. for it (realistically) and more if I can. We're taking other family members and it will be our son's first time so I'd like to look a little more slim in the pictures.

    Well everything I've read said one of the first steps to successful weight loss is to tell people about it so I'm telling all of you and hope you'll help keep me on track and on goal! I'm excited to start some of the challenges (I'll have to check them out) and hope we can all keep each other motivated and inspired!

  2. poohlover2

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    Jan 5, 2006
    Welcome back Crzy, :wave: You knew right were to come to. I joined the Dis a couple of months ago and get alot of inspiration. You have something to look forward to so that will help you with your lose. Just keeping telling yourself where you are going and put a picture of it on the fridge and that might help not to open the door. Good luck and keep posting. Pam :thumbsup2
  3. Tiger Lily 03

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    Feb 7, 2003
    Welcome back!

    Congratulations Twice over! What fantactis life changes.

    You are so right about this wonderful place! You know you will be inspired and we can all use your inspiration too as you work to your goal. You know you will be doing the best thing for you and your family to work toward a heatlhier you. WISHing all the success you need to get there AND stay there.


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