If there is a hurricane do u get refund?


May 23, 2007
I know this is probably a silly question and I know I probably read this when I booked but what is the policy of cruise ships if there is a hurricane or TS and you cannot leave port? Is your cruise a wash and you are out your $$? Do they have some type of re-schedule your trip, or partial/full refund?
Also, does trip insurance cover the weather?

just wonderin'pirate: pirate:
Trip insurance is what is needed at all times, ESPECIALLY during hurricane season. If you have bad weather, I can not see that qualifying, you are still cruising.

The cruiseline does not have to refund anything, even if they cancel, but often they do.

We were on a cruise in 04 that ran into Jeanne, and we had to dock a day early, and were refunded a hefty amount IMHO, and were transported to the Swan and Dolphin (free) and were put up the night, and transported the next day to MCO, and fed....This was very generous, and classy of DCL to do..

Our trip insurance refunded us the extras: food, lodging, car rental, as our flight did not make it out of MCO that next day.
Trip Insurance is important, but remember... the cruise ship can pretty much outrun any hurricane. As a result, if there is a hurricane in the path of the cruise, the ship will be diverted to avoid. I've heard of some getting an eastern cruise instead of a western cruise because of the hurricane path. I planned for October knowing that there was a degree of uncertainty but confident in the knowledge that I will probably have a great time regardless of any itinerary changes.
In September 2004 my family and I got a 5 day Wonder cruise for the price of a three day curtesy of Hurricane Frances and Disney :)

Instead of going to Nassau and CC, which were in the path of Frances, we went to Cozumel.

Port Canaveral was damaged so both the Magic and the Wonder docked at Port Everglades. If you had booked air thru Disney they helped you change your flight from MCO to the Ft. Lauderdale. People who had to get back to Port Canaveral were bused back ... we had a rental car sitting at the port, so we rode the bus.

It was our first cruise and quite wonderful :)

They have to give you a full refund if they cancel the cruise before you leave.
They do not have to refund your money if they have to deviate from the planned iterary due to weather once you are underway. If you read the cruise contract, they reserve the right to change ports ( or go to no ports at all) without notice. They even reserve the right to put you on a different ship.
We were in a tropical storm, but our money was NOT refunded.

They gave everyone on the ship $200 off their final amount due, plus a full 50% off their next cruise, if they took another within one year.

The cruise ended a day early, so we (sadly) missed Castaway Key.

Yeah, the 50% worked out great... We took it off the Panama, lol...

And we saw around 10 or 15 people from our previous one, so I think Disney got screwed on that deal, lol.
Yeah, the 50% worked out great... We took it off the Panama, lol...

And we saw around 10 or 15 people from our previous one, so I think Disney got screwed on that deal, lol.

I doubt Disney got screwed. Even at half off, they made money on you.
My first cruise was during Hurricane season. We were suppose to go to Nassau and RCI's private island. We were told that Nassau was blown away..yada...yada..... So they sent us to Key West and then 3 days at sea. Come to find out Nassau wasn't as bad as RCI told us. Disney, NCL, and Carnival all went and docked there.

I felt like RCI used those days to make major money off of us. The casino and all the shops stayed open. We got half off our alcholic drinks only. Yippie!! :rolleyes1 When we got back to the airport and saw people from the other cruise lines had gone to Nassau, many got upset. Myself included. When I called RCI to point this out, I got the read your contract. If we want we don't have to take you anywhere....yada...yada...


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