If one magnanimous person would start the ball rolling....


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Nov 26, 1999
What do you think? If one magnanimous person would start the ball rolling by purchasing a small refrigerator and then on the boards here find who is going to Disney.

On your last day at Disney and the next groups first day you meet up pass on the refrigerator the second group pays $10 to the purchaser of the refrigerator and the next 10 or so groups until the refrigerator is paid off.

Then on the boards people can sign up to get the refrigerator on there visit. The refrigerator would be small and light and easy to move.

Plus you would meet at least one DIS member.

OK maybe its a little complicated with the logistics but it would be able to be done.

$10 for 7 days of use is better than $70 and after its paid off, it would be free for the rest of the DIS members.

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Mar 13, 2001
Well, if the first person bought the fridge for $70, the next group would pay them $60, then $50, then $40 and so forth so that everyone is actually "out" only $10. After seven groups, that $10 rent money could go into a fund until there is enough to buy another fridge so that you would have 2 fridges. . .and so forth.

Wonderful idea, hairy logistics. What if someone was a no show? What if a check bounced (or maybe all payments could be in Disney Dollars) ?



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Aug 19, 1999
Maybe Pete should go into the refrigerator renting business... ;)


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