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Mar 10, 2009
But I don't know who's traveling with me yet. It seems it's required to enter a travel partner, but can this be changed later if needed?
I've never had to do it but I'm almost certain that if you wish to add someone to your cabin at a later date, you may at the then current pricing, as long as there is space at your muster station. Unlike regular hotels, there has to be limits so that there is space for everyone on a lifeboat in case of emergency. I'm not sure if they allow a simple name change without any price change.

If you're going to drop someone off the reservation, it's best to do it before the final payment due date in order to not pay any cancellation fees.
You can cancel passengers (other than the lead passenger, and other than Concierge and *GT restricted bookings) and get a full refund up until the final payment date. As noted above, if you replace a passenger, the new passenger will pay the current fare, which may be higher than the original fare.
Good point about the restricted bookings. VGT/OGT/IGT allow no changes and you must pay in full at time of booking. You don't get to choose a stateroom, category, or even which deck but it's usually a great price.

Adding a person at a later date may result in a higher fare. But I thought you could change the names, other than the lead passenger, for free up until x days before departure (final payment date probably?). And afterwards with a small fee. Not talking about concierge or restricted bookings. That’s how it used to be, don’t know if that has changed.
As long as you aren’t booking a *GT rate then you can change the guests name on the booking except the lead. I had to do this for my Alaska cruise as I couldn’t remember her full name OR dob (oops). They just added her as a TBC and then I called back and they updated it.
My friend had to add her forthcoming child - so it was "TBD Last Name" but I didn't know you could do an overall TBC. That's helpful.


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