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Jan 24, 2012
Disney Marathon 2021 Training Journal
New England Half Marathon Training

Race day tomorrow, friends! I'm getting ready to settle down for the night and figured I'd share my two runs from the week.

October 6: 3 miles • 33:05 • 11:02 avg pace
October 8: 3.04 miles • 32:23 • 10:40 avg pace

I've been doing a run 5, walk 1 this week. Also pausing my watch at stoplights so it doesn't count when I'm stopped and waiting to cross (which at one light was, I swear, a solid 5 minute wait).

The plan for tomorrow is to run 2:00 and walk 1:00. My goal is 2:30-2:35, but I'll be happy with anything under 2:45.

The forecast is... not bad! I'm running in my cropped leggings and a tank top. 531485

I'm bringing some gummies as a mid-race snack. I'm waiting to hear from my friend Eric about if he wants to stop for a bagel along the way since we have to be on the road at 7 am and won't be starting until almost 10 am. I'm betting we stop at a Dunks on the way. Anyway, I'm off to bed. 6 am and I aren't great friends. Wish me luck!
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    adventure is out there
    Jan 24, 2012
    Disney Marathon 2021 Race Recap
    New England Half Marathon Race Recap


    Personal Record!!!!!!! Okay, recap time.


    About a week before the race, I received an e-mail asking if there was anyone that I needed to run with for any reason (transportation, family members, etc.) So Eric and I requested that we start around the same time.

    Two days before the race, I received an e-mail with all the pre-race information, including early bib pick up, parking, transportation, bib pick up, start time, etc. This company has everything planned down to the second because they use a "time trial" start format with one person starting every 10 seconds. Eric and I had an 8:13 bus from the finish to the start so he picked me up at 7 and we were parked by 8 and eating our bagels (his was plain, mine had cream cheese and smoked salmon). We then headed over to our bus and were brought to the start line were we got our bibs and waited to start. It seemed like something had gone wrong and the start times were off, so we were waiting longer than I would have liked.

    The view from the start line. The photo doesn't do the view justice.

    Me with the course map!

    The start line was very cold. It was an orchard at the top of a mountain, so it was super windy. When it was sunny, it was fine, but the wind whipped through. I was going to include my sweatshirt as part of gear check, bu I couldn't part with it. As group 7 was leaving, we gave our bags to gear check and then as group 8 began to start we headed closer to the starting corral so that we would be ready to get to our numbered cone when it was time. We started a few minutes after our originally scheduled start time and race time!


    Mile 1 - 3: Eric and I started 10 seconds apart, so I hurried ahead to catch up with him and we ran the first three miles together. According to my app (which I did start just after the finish line) I was averaging a 10:00 minute pace during these 3 miles. I. Flew. I think we barely walked, mostly ran this and it was mostly downhill. There was one hill that I KILLED because we had done hills the week before with my running group and I had some good strategies for conquering it. I did slow down during mile 3 because it was uphill on a highway on ramp and for a minute I thought we were going to be running on the high way. Live free or die, right? Classic New Hampshire. 10:23 • 10:00 • 10:49

    2020 New England Half Marathon-22540.jpeg
    Start line photo. The only not terrible photo of me and there are 0 photos of me finishing. Boo.

    Mile 4 - 6: Mile 4 was very slow because I had gone too fast out the gate and because of the two big hills. I had also sent Eric away during this because I knew I was holding him back and he needed to get out and see what he could do with the last 10 miles. I did recover and speed back up again, closer to my usual pacing when I run on my own. 12:03 • 11:25 • 11:32

    Mile 7 - 10:
    This is the beginning of the major slowdown, but I did feel really good and thanks to my quick start I had a good feeling that I would still run my best half marathon ever. Number 5 is the charm. According to RunKeeper, this was also a net gain in elevation whereas miles 1, 2, 3, 5, and and 6 were all downhill. Mile 7 was only -33 feet, while 8, 9, and 10 were +8 feet, +57 feet, and +31 feet. After this was all downhill, literally, not figuratively. 11:23 • 11:41 • 12:21 • 12:16

    Mile 11 - 13:
    I gained a little bit of speed here as the last three miles were -64 feet, -85 feet, and -23 feet. I was TIRED at this point. My feet were hurting and I was so ready to be done. In classic me fashion, I cried the entire last 2 miles so I looked crazy. These miles also felt like they went on for ever. 12:05 • 12:47 • 12:20

    Mile .1:
    The finish line is pretty cool. We were back to where we had picked up the buses in the morning, so looking at the state house, you come running up to it on the right and run along side of it, turn left to go behind it, then left again to the other side of it and finish.

    Post Race
    I put on a mask right after I finished my breakfast and then I threw it away right at the start line, as per the race regulations. Right after finishing the race, they gave a mask with the medal, which was a nice touch. It's not a great mask and I only use it when I'm grabbing the mail in my building lobby if there's people out there, but it was a nice gesture to give them out.

    There was all sorts of stuff to grab, so I took Powerade and a canned drink that looked like Truly Seltzer but was actually an energy drink of some sort. Once I finished those, I went to the tent to get my sweatshirt. There was also a band playing live music and some snacks, most of which I skipped since I don't like oranges or pineapple. Eric and I took a photo with our medals at the photo stop and then headed to the car because the mask wearing from people was Not Great. Live free or die, remember?

    Eric dropped me back off at home and I took this nice photo of my medal. I don't have the original, just the photos I posted to stories so that's why there's text on it.

    That is a gorgeous medal... and look at my fancy home decor at my fancy new condo!

    FINAL TIME: 2:33:57


    adventure is out there
    Jan 24, 2012
    Disney Marathon 2022 Training Journal

    I guess it's time to transition this into my 2022 training journal... So let's see... The plan is to run my first marathon at Disney in 2022. I'm going to use 2021 as a year to really train my half marathon/10 mile time to get POT all set for the race. I'm not far off: my personal best for a half is now 2:33:57 and I recently ran a 5k in 30:56, which is an unofficial PR. I'm getting a little speedier.

    Since my half marathon, let's talk about my training runs:

    October 17: 3.12 miles • 33:37 • 10:47 avg pace
    This was a virtual race to raise money for my local YMCA. I used to work there and one of my close friends still does, so he and I parked there and ran the course they had mapped out.

    October 18: 4.00 miles • 42:56 • 10:43 avg pace
    next morning was week 5 of the faster 5k program. I had missed week 4 because of the half marathon pace, but I was told they did quarter mile sprints. This week we went to a local lake that is 3 miles around (and my nemesis) and did the following workout after our usual 10 minute warm up jog and drills: .5 mile warm up, .5 miles fast 2 minutes recover 4x, :30 sprint :30 recover 6x.

    October 20: 3.00 miles • 31:14 • 10:23 avg pace
    Tuesday night run with the running club girls followed by food and drinks.

    October 25: 3.14 miles • 30:56 • 9:51 avg pace

    This was the final week of the run a faster 5k, so we went back to the course we ran week 1 and ran it again. We started with a 15 minute warm up and drills, then crossed the street to the "start." I stuck with a woman who I thought I would be able to match for about a half mile. Well, we ended up running the first two miles together before she took off for the final mile. I think I could have matched her because when I finished, while tired, still had a little bit of gas in me. Either way, this is the fastest I've run since... high school? College? And this improvement came after just 6 weeks of training with a coach. Just imagine what else I have in me. For the record, my time on the same course 6 weeks prior was 34:15.

    October 27: 4.00 miles • 43:54 • unknown avg pace

    Another Tuesday night run with the girls. We stopped for a photo outside a house decked out for Halloween and I thought I had restarted my watch but hadn't, so I got my time from the girl I was running with but lack the average pace. NBD. This is also the first time I've ever run more than 3 miles straight.

    October 31: 3.02 miles • 34:24 • 11:24 avg pace
    A fun Halloween run (in costume) with the club! I was Minnie Mouse, but left the ears in the car because they were squeezing my brain. The ears are fun for the parks when they come on and off. Not so much when running.

    Okay... those were the training runs since. My running club has started a November challenge where we log our miles, so I'll be doing 3-4 miles tonight with the girls (followed by a drink or two to get me through the rest of the evening).

    The rest of my plan for the month is to follow this schedule:
    Sundays: Yoga
    Mondays: Rest
    Tuesdays: Run
    Wednedays: Arms
    Thursdays: Run
    Fridays: Abs
    Saturdays: Long Run

    I'm going to spend this week finding some local half marathons to train for, then build my training plan around those, working on some speed and building distance for the 2022 marathon. My goal is to break 2:30 for the half and 30 minutes for a 5k... and heck... why not... let's aim for a sub 60 minute 10k too? Why not? I have a year to get it done!

    Wish me luck!


    adventure is out there
    Jan 24, 2012
    Disney Marathon 2022 Training Journal

    I'm going to quote myself from the last update:

    "The rest of my plan for the month [of November] is to follow this schedule:
    Sundays: Yoga
    Mondays: Rest
    Tuesdays: Run
    Wednesdays: Arms
    Thursdays: Run
    Fridays: Abs
    Saturdays: Long Run"


    About that...
    November 3: 3.00 miles • 31:56 • 10:38 avg pace
    November 5: 3.20 miles • 33:32 • 11:06 avg pace
    November 7: 6.02 miles • 1:10:11 • 11:40 avg pace
    November 1o: 3.00 miles • 35:06 • 11:40 avg pace
    November 17: 3.91 miles • 41:34 • 10:38 avg pace

    November 24: 4.00 miles • 44:58 • 11:14 avg pace
    November 28: 4.22 miles • 47:22 • 11:13 avg pace

    I did maybe... one night of yoga? Not a single arm or ab workout. Mostly ran on Tuesday nights and the occasional weekend... maybe one Thursday? I JUST made the mileage amount to be entered in the raffle for my club's November challenge. Oh well. I need a race. Clearly. I have the club's virtual 5k in December, but that's hard for me to feel motivated to do.

    I'll be back in December for more updates.



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