1. evre13

    A BB-Great Day for the Race (Star Wars Rival Run 2019 TR) *Updated 5/24*

    Jambo friends! This is my first TR on the Dis, though I do have a Training Journal and a few failed PTRs. Let’s just say that if I could get through the Half Marathon, I can surely bank on that energy to finish a TR about it! I got back last week from a trip with friends that was planned...
  2. Chrisizzle

    Zero to Dopey 2020 in 13-months

    With my challenge entry last night, I am officially going attempt a Zero to Dopey journey in 13-months. To clarify, ‘zero’ refers to the mileage under my running shoes. I like to think I have a good fitness baseline and a decent chance at accomplishing this. I’ll document my progress here in...
  3. PJofNB

    Oo-de-lally, oo-de-lally, golly, what a day! - Princess Half Marathon 2019 TR

    After reading and enjoying a number of trip reports from marathon weekend, I have decided to jump in and write my first trip report. I am still quite a novice with posting to these boards, so this will likely be a bit rough. First, a bit of background before getting to the trip itself... Who...
  4. rteetz

    Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It's off to run we go! A new and improved Teetz running Journal

    So I have decided to create a training journal because why not and all the cool kids are doing it. Introduction: I as most of you know am Ryan or rteetz. I am the Rumors and News moderator, a DIS contributor, and occasional podcast guest. I also am a college student currently in the business...
  5. Keels

    It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times -- A 2018 Training Journal* Updated 9/27

    * -- I probably won't finish or likely keep up with after a few of weeks Hi! It's me, Keels! Your 28th-favorite RunDisney poster! I'm back with yet another training journal, but this time I *think* I've figured out the key to these training journals - it's to not start them in January...
  6. rteetz

    Dopey Shenanigans! A Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend TR (Completed-videos added)

    Hey Howdy Hey! I am back for another trip report! For those that don't know me I am Ryan, Rumors and News board moderator, DIS contributor and once in a while podcaster, and college student. I have a very busy life but I like it that way. I get bored when I have nothing to do. I come from the...
  7. lhermiston

    Keep Moving Forward: A Training Log (Comments Welcome)

    New year, new goals and all that jazz. I've never done a training journal before, but since I know my race schedule in advance and have a gigantic goal one year away, I figured this could be fun, useful and maybe entertaining and informative. Maybe? About me: husband, father, journalist and...
  8. lhermiston

    Marathon Weekend 2019

    A bit premature? Oh well. Marathon Weekend is Jan. 9-13, 2019. Registration opens Tuesday, April 17, 2018.
  9. Katie Little

    Run like the wind bulls eye!

    In my very first run Disney race - my costume will be Jessie from toy story so that I can wake up that morning and tell my self to "run like the wind bulls eye!" Hi! I'm Katie Faye and I guess this is where I share a little about me. I'm pretty fat and unhealthy. I'm also obsessed with all...
  10. SarahDisney

    5 Boroughs, 4 Parks, 3 WDWMW Medals, 2 Cups of Coffee ... 1 Runner

    Quick Links (coming soon) July 2018 WDW Adventure Recaps: Day One Day Two Day Three (Part One) (Part Two) Day Four Day Five WDW Marathon Weekend Planning & Recaps Booking The Trip First Thoughts Race Plans Trip/Park Plans Trip Mini-Recap Day 1 in Pictures Day 2 in Pictures: Race, Post-Race...
  11. evre13

    Hmm! Adventure. Hmmpf! Excitement. *Update 4/30*

    hi! (looks around and waves). I'm evre13, and I'm a 30-something dog mom living in Washington, DC. I used to run -- my first half was Princess 2015! -- but as work and work travel got nutty, I fell off the bandwagon. Approximately 2 years, a fair amount of casual Classpass-ing to keep my fitness...
  12. B

    AP Runner + Friend Ticket Question

    Hi, this is my first post so please bear with me. I am an AP holder running the Dopey Challenge. I know that when booking the RunDisney package, everyone in the party needs have AP. My friend does not have, so we both would have to purchase 2 day Park Hoppers as a minimum to fulfill the...
  13. bellaally

    Why yes I am a Novice Runner, but I’m an Expert Drinker! Nov 2017 Solo PTR

    Greetings to all my fellow winos, lushes, drunkards, connoisseurs, and aficionados. I promise I am not a souse, just a little saucey :P:P:D . My name is Alexandra (you can call me Ally). I am beyond excited to be just 83 days away from the most epic trip I have ever imagined to plan. Before I...
  14. runDisney  Dopey Challenge 2016

    runDisney Dopey Challenge 2016

    Dopey Challenge
  15. xjillianpaige

    "i want adventure in the great wide somewhere" - baa 10k journal! (comments welcome)

    Welcome to my training journal, which began with the post below as I had signed up for my first half marathon - the Disney Princess Half in 2018. Check it out to see where I started and where I have ended up since. "I want adventure in the great wide somewhere; I want it more than I can tell."...
  16. momabaarjo

    Nov17: Shhh…Don’t Tell the Kids , Husband or Podiatrist

    Shhh…Don’t Tell the Kids from Solo to Couple plus lots of NEW in November EDIT 8/16: Shhh…Don’t Tell the Kids, Husband or Podiatrist If you would have asked me after my last trip to WDW this past November (2016) when my next trip to WDW was, I would have told you probably not until 2018...
  17. absolutmey

    Princesses from both coasts - Feb 2018 PHM PTR - update 8/1

    Hello! Welcome to my Princess Half Marathon 2018 PTR! Trip details: What: trip to WDW for the Princess Half Marathon When: February 23-26, 2018! Why: See photo above. Where: Staying on-site (of course) at Pop! Who: Me (Megan), my friend Kathi and my friend/co-worker Melanie I talked...
  18. lovingeire

    Besties Eat, Drink and runDisney - A November PTR - Updated 10/25

    Welcome to my November trip report! Here you'll find all the details of our amazing, hopefully, Wine & Dine adventure in November! This will be my third year running Wine & Dine and my second year for the Two Course Challenge. **Disclaimer** I have NEVER written a trip report before...
  19. Ariel484

    A Pink Pixie Princess...FINALLY! A 2017 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend Trip Report!

    Hello Pixies! Are you ready to fly to the finish? :tinker::tinker::tinker: The cast for this report is just little ol’ me! Shannon, 33 years old. I am fully, 100% addicted to runDisney races. I started off mostly sticking with races in Florida, but in 2015 I finally did something I had...
  20. GollyGadget

    Running Renaissance: 2018 WDW Marathon Training Journal + Age of Enlightenment (pg 14)

    This training journal will tell the story of my running renaissance. Why a renaissance? Well, let’s start at the beginning…Once upon a time, in a land far away, a beautiful princess.. just kidding. I started my adult running in 2010 when a friend decided to run a half marathon and I thought...


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