I think I should stick with the Budget Board!


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Aug 19, 1999
I've been hanging out on the Resort Board too long! When people start asking opinions about suites that cost $720 a night in January - I know I'm out of my league!
I know what you mean! And then they want to know why we don't promote those places. Maybe because we can't afford them or have better things to spend our money on! :D


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...I tend not to venture too far from "home." It's scary out there! :D

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I don't think we're paying $700 for 12 nights - used priceline for the first time for this next trip (Feb.)

I love Priceline and swear by it! I got a good rate at the Dolphin for July and Dec of next year from the resort. But it all started for me last year when I got the Swan for $68 per night.I would be happy with the MOWC if I wanted to go down.

I use Priceline all the time for all our other trips!
Boston- Whyndam- $60 (Feb 2000)
Braintree MA- Candlewood Suites- $40 (Jan 2001)
Orlando- Swan -$69 (Aug (2000)
Car- Dollar- Lincoln $22 per day (Aug 2000)
Airfare- PVD _ MCO via delta $160 (Aug 2000)
Airfare BOS to MCO via Midway $150 ( July 2001)

not bad so far!


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Inauguaral Member Of the WDW Resort Cheerleaders</font>
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<font color=red>15 times to WDW 13 off-site three on! Next trip Dolphin in July & Swan in DEC. 2001!</font>
I tend to flinch when I hear people rave about getting 250-300.00 night rates!
Wish I could,know I can't. I think I'll keep reading here.

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Beth - I never should have strayed! I just got caught up in the Swan/Dolphin posts over there. (I'm a big fan of those resorts because of their excellent customer service and great discounts!)

Yes, frugal gal that I am - I should steer clear of discussions about overpriced hotel rooms on that OTHER board - LOL!

When I read about that suite costing $720 a night my first thought was that an additional family could vacation at WDW with all the extra $$$$ that family is spending. But I guess "that it what makes the world go round..." No pun intended! ;)

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The "suite family" will have spent almost $5600 on 7 nights' hotel. My family of 5 spent about $5600 on a 3-WEEK trip to Europe in Oct./Nov.! (Thanks to Rick Steves' books, frequent-flyer miles, and Marriott Rewards points for a free hotel in London for the first week.)
I'm glad I'm not the only one who cannot believe the prices some people pay. We always go to the Contemporary for one last monorail ride, lunch and to visit the fantastic game room before we head to the airport. While we love visiting this hotel and going to Chef Mickey's we couldn't afford to stay there with a family of six. I went up to the front desk while waiting for my kids and was quoted $350 for a room and told I would have to get two for six of us. As I sat on the couch still waiting I saw family after family checking in and just wondered what kind of jobs they must have. Oh well, I'm happy with HIFS or the like and thankful we are able to go on many disney vacations.
I missed that post over there, but I can't belive that they are going to pay that much. Where are they staying? I love all of the boards here, but I feel like a "poor" person over there because the best that we can afford is the All Stars. A lot of them seem to refuse to stay at the allstars, and here I was thrilled to find somewhere on site that I could afford LOL! :D
I guess people just have different priorities. I don't have that kind of money either, but if I did, I still wouldn't pay that price for a room. So, why feel poor?

I agree with the last post. Even if I had the money to spend $720 a night on a room, I wouldn't! I've found ways to get deluxe and pay for value(renting points for example) I always thought the way you keep your money is to be thrify with it! It's all priorities, I could go on a vacation and spend $5,000 just for the hotel for the week, or I could go on 5 vacations and spend $1,000 each time. With these boards, you can really get your money's worth!!! I love you guys!!! :D

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Well ... if they can afford it, then why not?

How many times have you been asked "Are you going to Walt Disney World again?" Some folks don't understand about going to WDW and others do not understand about spending $$ to be comfortable. Personally, I wouldn't stay in an All-Stars resort unless I really had to. Mostly because I am spolied by staying in 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom vacation homes at BWV and OKW.

I hope you'll still let me hang out here in the Budget Board :).

-- Robin
For some people, staying on budget means refilling water bottles at drinking fountains. For OTHERS it is drinking American bottled water! :D It all depends on your perspective. :D
No matter WHERE you fit in, EVERYONE is welcome on the Budget Board! :)
So where do YOU fit in, Everyone?

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Even those people who spend $700+ per night for a resort room visit this board to find a way to pay less with the Disney Club or Annual Pass Holder discounts. I can't count the number of times I have seen someone asking about these and other specials for concierge level or suites at the deluxe resorts. I guess it just depends on your definition of Budget!


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Nancy, I emailed you about this...LOL!

I think if Disney thought they could not get people to pay these prices they would not offer them. They know how to get loyalty from these people by offering what people what they want, but that "want" has the price tag of life attached to it.

It's why Lincoln Towncars and Mercedes Benz sells as well as Hyundai's and Kias... :rolleyes:

Frankly I have been in the position to spend whatever I'd like for a vacation but I have a child and priorities. I like to visit WDW regularly so if I spent my year's allotment on one trip that would limit me. Thank God for this board. They've saved me tons of money!

I spent 6 years not taking any vacations so now that I can I go as much as possible. That means finding deals. And like mar3990, since I've found the HIFS I know I can go and be happy as much as I like!


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Honestly, I'm a bargain junky. I re-e-e-e-e-aly enjoy finding the best buck for my dollar. What a WONDERFUL high!!! For me that's the funnest part of a vacation. What would I do without you guys?

I am going to bet she is trying to make this special for the child with all the surgeries. Unless the money isn't an object to them, she should realize that the child will be so fascinated with Disney that the motel will be the furthest thing from his/her mind.

We had a fight about staying at the Polynesian in Wis Dells last weekend for a hockey tourney for $95 a nite. Mommy won and we stayed at the Comfort Inn in Reedsburg for $49.50 (continental breakfast included!). Guess what? DD was happier at the Comfort Inn cause all of her friends were there. She is now content to wait for the Poly until my budget allows it.


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