I Need A Vacation!!!!


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Jun 27, 2003

Ever have one of those days (OK, weeks in my case) where you just want to go away somewhere. Nothing big, just a quick weekend away somewhere without kids! :moped:

Can't happen, though. DH can't get away from work, and even if he could we don't have anyone to watch the little devils I call my kids.

Guess I'll have to settle for a virtual vacation.... pull up pictures of a beach on my computer and imagine REALLY REALLY hard that I'm there. :sunny:

Oh look, here comes the cabana boy now with my mimosa..... :cool1:
Sending you visons of nice warm sand and the sound of seagulls overhead to help the picture become a little clearer! Pixie dust to you.....
You and me both! Working two jobs is kicking my boo-tay! I have so many bruises on my legs, it looks like I'm wearing cammo pants.:crazy2:
Stepharooni, wanna borrow the cabana boy?:D


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