i know this is considered illegal, but...


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Jan 29, 2001
has anyone ever brought fruit to the states in their suitcase??? I love a certain fruit store in Edmonton, and just have to have something from them everyday. I know it would be a long haul, but I almost think it is worth it. Just was wondering if anybody has ever tried this.
I don't know what the end result would be for trying to sneak in fruit, so personally I wouldn't take a chance. I don't think its worth getting in trouble for. Your favorite fruit store will still be there when you get back.




We had an experience last summer driving into the Redwoods, in Northern California. They have check stops at the border for produce. We happened to have some cherries from BC in our cooler. The inspector said he could take them, or we could pull over to the side and eat all the fruit and put the pits in a bag. We decided it was a good time for a break so we ate the fruit. It really wasn't a big deal. We have never had any experience at the border. Like the previous person said, I wouldn't want to take the chance. You never know what kind of customs inspector you get, and it may cause you more grief than it's wor
Hmmm. I didn't even know you couldn't take fruit across. I usually only go to the States on business and it wouldn't be an issue then. Thanks for the warning -- I certainly would have brought some, at least for during the trip itself.

Can you take unopened packaged food across? I am thinking peanut butter, tuna fish, cheese. DD is a very picky eater and might reject food I buy at WDW if it is not exactly the right brand.

On our last trip to WDW, (Nov/Dec), they had a cute little dog sniffing and jumping on luggage in the baggage claim area. The dog was looking for food. They opened a women's suitcase, and pulled out a package of muffins. I don't think they would charge you, just confiscate the food, so I wouldn't advise it.


I am bringing about 12 jars of baby food, baby cereal, Cheerios for the baby. I am hoping that I won't have a problem. I am also packing peanut butter (for the baby, he's 15 months and loves PB&J sandwiches for lunch). Also in the suit case will be: granola bars, dried fruit bars in a package, pop tarts. Does anything think I'll have trouble thru customs?

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In our experience they're generally looking for fresh fruit and the parasites which can travel with them. Things which are processed are generally OK because the processing would tend to kill whatever organisms they're worried about.

Our last two trips we've taken a lot of packaged foods with us in the luggage and then bought the perishables once we arrived. Will you have a car? If so, many of the DVCers like to buy their groceries off-site - there's a Publix which would be less than a 10 minute drive from CBR and has much better prices than Goodings, which is up at Crossroads.

If you'd like directions let me know and I'll dig them up over the long weekend.

- Mike

Don't do it.

Bringing packaged processed food is not a problem to most places in the US. Transport from Hawaii is a big issue and California is especially picky. We've had fruit and vegetables seized at the border when driving across (we were ignorant of the restrictions). If you fly, the doggies may sniff it out either in the US or when pre-clearing in Canada. If you pre-clear US customs here, they will ask you about food on your customs declaration. Filling out a false declaration is more serious than actually being caught taking food across in ignorance when not pre-clearing. You could lose your entry to the US altogether for this trip and possibly in the future.
This is the exact reason why Great Britain and the rest of Europe is slaughtering live stock by the millions. Someone thought it would be OK to import a personal amount of banned beef.

It is not worth the risk. The area around WDW is full of grocery/fruit markets. Besides, it will likely be cheaper in Florida.
I know someone who didn't report that she had 2 avocadoes in her car. (Not intentional, just forgot that she had packed them.) The customs officer at the B.C. Peace Arch border of course found them and fined her $50.

We always come clean with what we have in the car and travel trailer. It's not worth the hassle (and of course, it'd be a horrid beginning to a holiday). Any produce we want, we can pick up at a store along the way. Also a great opportunity to go shopping!!! :D
The last time we drove to Florida we crossed the border at Detroit. After looking at our birth cerificates the customs agent asked everyone to be quiet as he had a question for "Mom". I could feel my face go red as he leaned in the car and asked if I had packed a cooler. I said I had and he wanted to know exactly what I had in it. I gave him a run down, cereal, milk, juice boxes. He specifically asked if I was sure there was no fruit in it. When I assured him that there wasn't he let us go. Others have told me that they have had their vehicle searched and fruit seized. This guy was intimidating to say the least and it wasn't like it was a slow day at the border, it was extremely busy. Don't take the chance.

I had no idea of this....seriously, like organisms wouldnt just crawl from one side of the farmland in BC to the farmland in WA state LOL!!!!!! That is just crazy. I guess I am lucky, because I often throw some bananas in the car for my daughter, and we have taken a few spontaneous trips across the border. I have never been asked!
In 1998 we were briefly detained in the baggage area at the Orlando airport after the flight from Toronto. An American federal agriculture type (FDA?) was escorting a beagle through the arriving passengers and they stopped at my bag. I was asked to open my bag and the offending item was one of those reusable nylon lunch bags that I used to take to the office which usually contained an apple or orange. We were clean but the dog freaked out at the lunch bag. She probably would have blown an artery if we'd had a bunch of grapes in there! The inspector guy was very nice about it and explained that the dog will even sniff out traces of fruit. I have no idea what they would have done had we been caught with something.


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