I know I am crazy but I did it and now I need help PLEASE


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Apr 29, 2000
I am leaving 10/25 after work from Pittsburgh and we will get in Orlando around 9:30. I am sleeping at an off site hotel and then around 7:00 am checking into (well registering for my FOTL) at HRH..we sill be staying ther until Sunday morning at which time we will be checking into Dixie Landings for the 4 day land/ 3 day sea package. Here is the hard part. We do not want to rent a car so what is the best mode of transportation for the following?

1. Airport to off site hotel

2. Off site hotel to Hard Rock Hotel

3. Hard Rock Hotel to Dixie

The rest of the way we have transfer for the cruise...

thanks very much
My suggestion would be to call Tiffany Towncar and have them quote you a price for those three legs of your transportation. I'm not sure how much they would charge for that, but they are usually very reasonable. If you don't want to rent a car, your other option is, of course, a taxi. Usually, the cost of a taxi from the airport to WDW is about what you would pay with TTC, but it's not as nice. However, if the offsite hotel is close to HRH, them your best bet for that leg may be a taxi instead of TTC. Good luck! :D
Renting a car for 4 days may not cost any more than transfers (use 1 day free coupon from Entertainment Book).
Sheryl's suggestion on an airport hotel is good, you might also consider staying in the HardRock the first night. The convenience of avoiding one extra transfer may be worth the extra money. You'll be able to sleep later and/or get an earlier start.


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