I have just bought my collapsable cooler. What now?


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May 19, 2000
I just bought a 24 can sized cooler for our WDW trip during the DIS. I've read many different posts from other thrifty folks that took coolers or bought them once they were there. Can you tell me if it really is safe to store milk for cerial in them? Do they also chill water bottles and soda cans enough to really have a coold drink? How long do they keek the stuff inside cool? I've had experiance with a hard sided cooler, but never an insulated collapsable cooler and they really look questionable.
Waiting for your experianced replies :)

We stored milk (a half gallon), orange juice, yogurt and grapes in ours and it was all fine. I put the ice in plastic ziploc bags and changed it each morning and night. The cooler worked great. I'd used it a couple of times before for picnics so I was pretty sure it would be okay.

One suggestion I would make, if you are planning to buy perishables, is to try different sized things in it before you go, so you will know if they fit or not. When I got to the store, I was trying to guess if 2 half gallons would fit and if there would be room for anything else. You don't want to get to your hotel room and find out that the gallon of milk you bought won't fit in the cooler!
Everything we stick in our cooler is in plastic (ie milk, soda, etc), so we just take the cooler to the ice machine and dump some ice into it.
The ice usually lasts 24-48 hours and then we just empty the cooler into the bathtub and do it all over again. We wipe the cooler down before we pack it upon departure.
We've used our collapsible cooler frequently and it is quite durable.
Where did you find the type that fold up flat for packing. Still winter up here and no one has them. May need to go on line. Any Ideas? Thanks

I bought mine at Target in Nashua, NH (Pheasant Lane Mall)....you could try giving them a call to see if they have any left.

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Hi! I was just wondering if you're allowed to bring food and/or coolers into the parks? If so, are the lockers big enough to store such things? Where are the lockers inside MK and Epcot? Thanks! :)
We brought a hard cooler that we kept in the room with drinks and food. Then before we would head to the park, we packed our soft cooler with snacks and drinks (especially bottled water!) and ice. It fit nicely under the stroller and no one said a word about it the whole time. I think they are great about families bringing in drinks. They just turn the other way I think.

We bought a 24 can collapsable cooler at Costco about 4 weeks ago. Costco has alot of summer items out already and we thought it would be perfect to put in our room at CBR. It cost only 15 dollars. :D :D
But I bought my collapseable cooler at the local Wal Mart for 10.00 approx. They had several types, including some that are what I considered semi colapsable. The one that I got will fold up as small as a notebook that kids carry to school. It is supposed to hold 24 cans. I used it this weekend to store snacks (including lunchmeat) for a trip to my mom's. It seemed to hold a fair amount of stuff. Gerri
Oh, and thanks for the tip about trying different sized items in it before leaving. (2 half gallons instead of a gallon) I would not have thought about doing that :)

I was able to find one at Walmart last night, only $10.94. Looks perfect and will fold flat holds 24 cans.
www.rei.com has various size coolers. They have a fold-up type for 19.95 that holds 48 cans. Good luck!
We just got ours at Sam's Club the other night. It is a 48 can collapsible cooler & it cost 14.99. We can fit a 1/2 gallon of milk in it height wise. It's pretty neat & I can't wait until we use it in another 14 days!!!! :D :D

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Anyone ever take a crock pot? You could stop and the store for supplies to make soups or stews.
I am not certain crock pots are allowed as they are a fire hazard. I had been told that the hotel electrical is not compatable for the crock pot.
I bought my collapsable cooler last year at Target - it always leaked. I don't have the receipt, but are they suppose to leak or did I just get a lemon? I'm thinking about taking it back without a receipt and see what they say!


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