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Discussion in 'Teen Disney' started by EPCOTgrl1, May 11, 2002.

  1. EPCOTgrl1

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    Dec 27, 2001
    Do most of you do marching band? my band does and we have no life in the fall at all. We are at school everyday till like 5 or later. and now we are in parade season so we dont have a life we are praticing how to march down a street! Does it get annoying to y'all?

    Do you have band camp? OO if you do you lknoe you love it!! I do and it is alot of fun. It give you a chance to get to know everyone.

    Last question... Do you ever get to see everyone in the band so much that you just need to get away? Durning the fall those are the only people that we can see excet for sundays. and on that day we either do home work or go out with more band people!

    I know lots of questions. I just wanted to know if your band was any like the one we have here!
  2. dancergirl

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    Aug 21, 1999
    Im in band! I know how it is during marching practices!! I complain about it all the the time, but really love being in band. I have met some of the awesomest people i know! Our director wants us to be more than perfect all of the time! We call him Daddy Mayhall. We see him about as much as we see our own parents!! He has gotten many of his students out of trouble, but of course that doesnt mean they arent in any less trouble with him! Sometimes I do want some away time. Any partys or gatherings that a friend has, is almost always all band kids. When I tell my parents its band kids I am more likely to be able to go because they know that none of them will drink or do bad things, well if you dont count acting stupid bad! hehe :) This year being a freshman I was very glad to have a band camp, I got to know alot of people that would help me out if I ever needed it!:)
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  4. WDWfanatic288

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    Feb 4, 2000
    yup I do it and enjoy it alot!
    we have sooo much fun..the games are soo much fun! Im really excited this year b/c im going to be section leader! :D :D
    marching band...yeah 3-5 everyday except mondays...next year is state year and we better go! freshmen year was horrible...at area we got alternate to state! the judges ranked us 3,4,6,7, and SIXTEEN! it knocked us down to alternate! :( :(
    we dont have like band camp where we go somewhere...we do have summer band and we pratice half as much as the other schools in our area...our directors actually care about us while the other dont!
    like during the summer,about 3 weeks b4 school starts we start pratice. we will have it from 8-1..not that bad while the other schools do that and then go back up and pratice from 6-9

    now we are in concert season..marching stops in november..and thats taking up a bunch of time b/c its honor band year(state for concert season)and we actually have a good chance of getting out of the region!(its weird...the best bands in the state come from our region so its about 10 times harder to get out of the region then it is to get out of the area)but its almost guartneed if you get out of the region you'll make it to state no problem.but we had a concert 2day and had to be at school at 8:45! :( but we played awesome and hopefully we can use the recordings for honor band
  5. Mousekateer55

    Mousekateer55 DIS Veteran

    Nov 16, 2000
    We are not required to march in the band that I am, but for some reason we will for Memorial Day.
  6. tiff13

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    Feb 11, 2001
    We have to be in marching band. We practice during our regular band class though. We can take band as a regular class in school and we only march in the fall so its not bad.
  7. nsyncraider17

    nsyncraider17 DIS Veteran

    Feb 12, 2001
    I'm in marching band! We don't have to take it if we're in concert band, it's an option. The biggest problem I have is that we get no credit for it! But I think that's because it doesn't technically last for a whole semester.:rolleyes: I get really tired of it in the summer, but it is so worth it. And all of my non-bandie friends make fun of me for being in marching band, but they don't get it. I really don't like band camp, but that's because our director turns into Hitler or something for that week.;) I do get really tired of it, because my entire summer is pretty much taken over by band, but once football games and contests start, it is so much fun!

    our band is really good, too. Mr Stevens (director) is always telling us we're one of the better bands in Ohio, which makes us feel really good.:D Last year we got like the 50th or something consecutive 1 rating...he's been the director for 9 years, and the band has never gotten less than a 1 w/ him as the director. I'm always afraid we're gonna get a 2 and then he's gonna like kill us all or something.:rolleyes:

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