hulk coaster


Earning My Ears
Sep 21, 1999
i am not a coaster person, but i rode the rockin roller coaster & loved it.
is the hulk & the dragons a smooth coaster or does it jerk you all over the place?
thank you for any info.
lisa :eek:
Welcome to the boards! The Hulk and DD are very smooth coasters. They are different than RnR, though. DD is an inverted coaster and has a different feel to it than regular coasters. I think they are much better coasters than RnR. I would encourage you to give them both a try, they are great.

Been there, done that, going back!!!
I liked RnR for it's themeing - but it banged my head so that I had a headache for the rest of the day and didn't dare get back on it. In contrast, both Hulk and Dragons are really smooth - could have ridden them all day.

Have fun!

I disagree. After 4 consecutive rides on Hulk I could not ride it again or else I would have seriously passed out!!
When Hulk first opened it was so smooth I could have rode it 20 times in a row. Now that it has worn in it is a bit rougher. Make sure to sit towards the front, the back can be brutally rough. Dragons seem to still run smooth as ever.


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The Hulk is very smooth (try to keep your eyes open, it's a riot!). On Dueling Dragons I find Ice to be smoother than Fire.


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