How tough is it to get a tee time week of4/15


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Aug 11, 2001
We will be vacationing with the WHOLE family this April, 24 of us to be exact!
Question is that my DH & DB will want to golf but will only go when we have a down day and we don't know when that will be depending on the kids. Can they just call that morning and pray or would you suggest something else?
My DH has always made tee times @ the 90 day mark. He hasn't had any trouble getting them then. Don't know about April and calling the morning of. They would probably have to be flexible about time. On advantage of calling early is getting the discounted times. Don't know exactly what they are. He did get a DVC golf membership last time and if your DH and DB are going to play several times it is worth the discount and the pass is good for a whole year. Hope this helps.
Giving this a bump so the poster knows that a response was made. Computer glitch was showing no responses.
Call day before. Generally, they should be able to get on at least one or more of the courses although key early morning times (before 9) could be difficult.

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