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    okay so DH is leaving in less than a week for a 2 year tour to Okinawa Japan WITHOUT me( long story, don't ask).

    as a result we have decided that when he gets back we are going to forego our usual stay at Shades of Green and upgrade a tad.

    Yes we will do Hong Kong Disney while he is there, but that is a short little trip that can be paid for with little scrimping and saving up front.

    here's the thing: we want a cruise as well. okay I want the cruise and he won't turn his nose up. so we are looking at a 7 day( preferably Eastern as we have done Western already) followed by at least 5 days in the Parks.

    Must have: Cat 7 or 6 cabin. anything else is negotiable including port calls.

    but for the parks:

    if we go Moderate, King room minimum.

    if we go deluxe: will take standard/cheapest category.

    but here's where I get massively confuzzled:

    we have decided that for our purposes the regular DP( 1CS, 1TS and 1 snack) is the best fit for us and our eating habits.

    but all these MYW packages come with tons of crap that we have no use for or don't care about.. although some of them we'd use if we had it, like the discount on a spa treatment, or Cirq or even Wishes( we do not normally do Wishes or Fantasmic)

    how do you compare oop prices for the stuff we WOULD use and compare against total price? and can we give away the things we would never need like Tee times or Kid's club stuff/

    Must dos for us include one TS per day. we can split a CS lunch without breaking a sweat and probably would not use all the snack credits although I guess we could get some of the prepackaged stuff to take back with us.

    Victoria and Alberts WILL happen even if we must pay OOP for it.

    I would love to hit some TS places we have not yet done like 50s Prime Time or Sci Fi without having to get park hopper( we don't hop as I physically cannot handle it).

    Speaking of which: I will be in a Wheelchair in the parks, probably full time by then so the resort cannot be ginormous as far as square footage and getting from hither to yon. this last trip we took I got more worn out by getting to my room at SoG at the end of the day then I ever did in the parks.

    So I guess what I am asking is.. how do you compare packages to cost effectiveness and still get what you want without having to go into debt til you are 300? we will only have 2 years to save for this.

    does anybody understand what I am asking?! :confused:

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