How Noisy is BW?


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Jan 6, 2000
I just spent 4 wonderful nights at BWV (own at WLV) and really do like the location. Originally, I was going to consider BCV, but it really does look out of the way and a long walk to the pool. So I decided to consider a BWV resale. On the other hand, how noisy is it when things are really busy? Do crowds stay on the BW until late at night, and if so, does it keep you awake? I like being in the middle of things, but also tend to go to sleep fairly early and wonder if it would be a problem. Thanks for advice from those who have been there.
We had a studio by the pool. Couldn't hear a peep if the door was shut. Had a one bedroom by the driveway and didn't hear a peep, unless the door was open. I don't think you'll have a problem if you buy there.
On our first visit to BWV we had a Studio right over the Big River Grill on the second floor.

During the evening we could hear quite a bit of noise from the Boardwalk. It wasn't enough to bother us at all, but it could bother some people.

If noise is a problem, try to get a standard view or on a higher floor.
First note that the only place you are really going to find an outside noise level at night is on the boardwalk and thus the rooms over it, only about 15% of all rooms (stay almost anywhere else on site and there is no noise to speak of). We have found the noise level to be very little to none when staying on the boardwalk when the patio doors are closed even when the boardwalk is crowded. Exception occurs on occassion in summer or other high visiting seasons, when the boardwalk sometimes has a disk jockey or band playing outside in the courtyard or near Atlantic Dance; you will be able to hear some of that at a low level while in the room.

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