How many swim diapers to pack?


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Mar 2, 2005
Ok, this may seem like a stupid question, but I have no clue! We'll be there for eight days and our DS will be 15 mths old. He loves the water so I'm sure it'll be a hit where ever we are. He hasn't been in a big swimming pool since last summer though when he was tiny. Thanks for you help!


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Apr 17, 2000
I would pack at least two per day, making sure that I got Space Saver bags(or something similar) to put the swim diapers in. If you have enough suitcase room, pack *more* per day & then at the end of the trip fill the empty space with souvenirs :teeth: lol.

Just a thought...Will you be renting a car, perhaps taking a towncar? Then you can buy some swim diapers during your shopping stop on the way to your resort. If you're taking Magic Express, maybe take a taxi from your resort to one of the reasonably priced/nearby supermarkets or a WalMart. You can buy all sorts of goodies & necessities(including swim diapers) for your WDW time. I've never used one of the shopping services, but many DIS'ers use wegoshop(At least I *think* that's the name...) or similar services.
There's always the resort sundries shop, but (ack) those prices...

Have a wonderful time! (By the way, your son is very cute! I'm sure you'll have so much fun.)


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Feb 2, 2002
Even though they arent made for it, you can reuse them if you are careful. My daughter is older ( 2) but she usually doesnt peed in them. What I do, is I take them off without ripping them and and let them dry flat. i usually only reuse them at family pools or the beach where it doesnt really matter or isnt going to be in them long


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