How many people can stay in a moderate priced room?


Jan 27, 2000
How many people can stay in a moderate priced room? We have three kids. When my youngest is older than three what resort can I go to to have us all stay in the same room?
Moderate rooms are built for 4, but I wouldn't be surprised if some families of 5 have found a way. DXL has some rooms with trundle beds for a smaller kid. When my son and daughter got older, we got an aerobed which inflates electrically in minutes, and deflates just as quickly. It's quite comfy and travels well. Most of the upscale hotels sleep 5. Y&B Club have daybeds. Lots of people find 2 rooms at allstars cheaper and with the bonus of added privacy and an extra bathroom.
Disney has an unspoken policy to NOT penalize families for exceeding occupany limits.My only caution is that excessive noise or disturbance to other guests is not tolerated. If you have a family of 5,I would book a room for 4 and not worry about it.


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If I call up Disney and try to book 5 people into a Value room they are going to say no -- right?

Last time we put all the passes on the room keys/cards. Would I have to buy one of the passes at the park instead of at the resort?

You said they had an unspoken policy, but don't you have to fudge the truth a little to have them let you do it?

You are correct in your assumptions. They will not let you book a room that fits 4, with 5 people. You would have to not tell them about the 5th person. The dilema is that the 5th person would not be entitled to early entry, or e-night. Also pass would not be on room key, becuase they wouldn't have a room key.


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It is certainly not as well publicized as the one where Disney looks the other way about people taking food into the parks!
In 3 years of visiting these boards, I have never read ANYTHING about Disney looking the other way about being over on room occupancy.
Does any one have experience with this that they would like to share?

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Beth, Disney does NOT wish to police room occupancy. In that regard,they are no different from most large hotel chains. From a public relations standpoint,it is NOT in Disney's interest to extricate a family of 5 from a "room for 4". CapHook is correct; if a family chooses to over-occupy a room ,some level of deception is necessary when the reservation is made.Each individual should answer to his/her own morality and comfort level in such a decision.


Risk vs. Reward.
A Bird in the Hand vs. Two in the Bush.
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The main reasone we want to stay at a Disney Resort is Early Entry. If overbooking the room prevents one person in our party from doing EE why bother?

Some one said they would let you book 5 into Dixie Landings. Could someone run down their opinion of my best options with 5 people wanting to stay onsite?

Keep in mind my wife and I are the cheapest people you have ever met. I drive a 1980 Buick. She is a stay at home mom. Last year we did Disney at ASMu and 5 day Park Hopper passes for $1800 including meals, drive from Texas and everything else. I can't believe that having one more kid is going to make it so expensive.
I think infants (in a crib) under a certain age don't count.
The danger if you try to put 5 (or 6) in a room and for whatever reason you're stopped (complaints from other guests, maid, noisy kids, fire code problems makes Disney more attentive....) you've deprived yourself of prior planning (offsite suite hotel, 2 rooms in all stars,large enough room in deluxe etc)and may not even be able to get rooms near each other.
Last year when I booked the room, my daughter was only 2, so technically that was ok, but by the time we arrived, she was 3, and they did not give us any problems. They gave us all room keys with our passes on, and I provided alternate sleeping arrangements for her.

On our next trip, she will be 5, so I don't know what we'll do. I think it is unfair to penalize families with 3 kids or more. The cost of going from ASM or a moderate to going to a deluxe is pretty large. I really don't want to stay offsite, but may, just to be able to get a larger room without bankrupting us.

I know we can try DL, which we may, but that still does not leave a lot of options for a family of 5.



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All it would take would be a block of a few rooms with one king and one double bed. Families of 5 are not welcomed lots of places. Think of how many resturant tables that seat 4.

I just checked out the Swan for the website connected to this board. They gave me a quote of $129 per night (teacher discount). I teach at a community college, I wonder if I qualify? Will the Swan have a 4 person only can get EE passes rule too?

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Dixie Landings does accept parties of 5. They have some rooms furnished with 2 double beds and a trundle bed intended for use by children age 9 and under. This option is always less expensive than 2 rooms at the value resorts.

I not sure if it is the Swan or Dolphin, but one of these resorts allow 5 in one room with a rollaway bed. You should ask at the time you make the reservation. I believe you would qualify for the teacher's discount as long as you have some sort of identification (a badge or something) proving your employment.

Good Luck!


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Disney would have every right to kick you out for exceeding room occupancy limits. They have these policies for a reason (i.e. mainly fire codes).
What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive! :D Dixie Landings will sleep five you might want to try there. There is no point in risking being caught even if Disney doesn't give careful attention. Think about how you vacation will be then.


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