How long of Cable??


Disney Mom of 4
Jun 3, 2000
We just upgraded to a prefered site because DH is worried about not being able to watch the Disney information channel when at Disney... Anyway, now that we are in a prefered site, how long of cable will we need to run it into the camper? Should 10 feet be long enough? Is that too long, or not long enough?? Thanks. I wouldn't want him to miss the Disney info channel... :p

Disney Campers

DIS Veteran
Sep 12, 1999
we usually take along a 20 foot cord and that is usually sufficient, it can't hurt to have much and its cheaper to get ahead of time at Wal-Mart then at the trading post.


The tag fairy messages were stolen.
Oct 12, 2001
The people that I camp with sometimes uses a 25'cable because they like to put the TV outside the camper. I would think a 10' cable should be adiquite if you are keeping the TV inside the camper.


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