How is the weather and crowds in May??


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Aug 18, 1999
and is it better to go any certain week???

We've gone several times in May and find the crowds smaller and weather very pleasant. We have had showers during that time but they don't usually last long. The earlier in May you go, the earlier the parks close (MK & MGM.) If you go Memorial Day weekend of after, you will find those parks open later.
We went in May one time and the crowds were small and the weather was enjoyable - we did have rain one day but went to MGM anyways and still enjoyed ourselves - other that the rest of the days were nice and sunny! :)
Thanks sounds like a great time to go!!!

Weather's very nice for swimming. Highs usually in the upper 80's or low 90's, but wear plenty of sunscreen!!!
Just wanted to say that we are planning our trip for May 18 - 24, and can't wait! One post I read here did mention that each year, on one special day in May, Florida residents get in for half price -- and of course the parks are packed that day. I asked about how to find out which day that will be, and someone said that you have to wait and call around the first of May.

Does anyone else know about this or have any more info?


French Quarter -- May 2001

The first 2 weeks of May are when we usually go (althgouh this year we swung 2 trips, one in April, the other July)

May is my favorite time - weather is great, crowds less (althgouh still avoid MK on the weekend), perfect swimming weather.

Grad night is usually the first weekend in May (not sura about this year), so they sometimes close 1 park early on Fri night for that - also, Pleaseure Island is cloed early one night - otherwise it's sheer perfection.



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