How hard is it to have 2 use years??

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by disneydawn6, Mar 15, 2002.

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    Apr 4, 2001
    Just wondering from some of you experts out there.. I already have points at WLV and BWV. I do not find that confusing at all, I like having the 11month window at both... Have 150 wlv points and 250 BWV points. Having said that.. I have a Dec. use year usually go in Dec or early spring so that is wonderful being able to bank all points as late as May, but I would love to go sometime for the wine and food festival or Thanksgiving and being the end of of Nov, if I had to cancel I would lose all those points being so close to the end of my use year... I am going to add on 150 pts at BCV. My guide says I can get a new master contract to get a June or Aug use year. But I would have a new member number... Has anyone else done this.. what are the pros and cons? I know it would easy be to keep track of the three different resort with all a DEC use year but what about the different use year? How hard is this??
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    I have 4 different use years at 2 resorts and, thus far, have been able to keep everything straight.

    I do ask MS to check the point totals with each call and get a printed accounting each year, but it is very doable.

    I have never had to transfer any points from one contract to another but have used points from 3 different contracts on one reservation a few times. MS has always ben great about finding the simplest means to accomplish these challenges.

    Having more than one use year does make it easier to schedule trips without worrying about "if I have to cancel".

    Enjoy! :)

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