How far in advance to park hours come out?


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Sep 28, 1999
When do they typically release the next month's park hours? We go November 2nd-5th, and getting excited :)


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Sep 4, 2022
I also go Nov 2nd and have been wondering the same thing! Fingers crossed they release them soon.

Willow Ufgood

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Sep 1, 2022
i see park hours thru nov 13 on the app i didnt checlk the website on my phone just the app dont know why its not showing up for others


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Apr 21, 2003
I know it can be very annoying waiting on them to release hours, early entry, etc.


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Aug 22, 2007
I can't believe they haven't released dates for November 1st yet. I know they drop a month at a time but not knowing the hours or which park has early entry when you are less than 40 days out is crazy. Makes it impossible to plan.

I'm just hoping the reduced Halloween night hours actually ends on Halloween. They really should have released the November park hours by now.

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