How does this sound for park days?


Jul 4, 2003
Hi everyone

I am in the process of planning out what days to visit each park.
We have 7 day park hoppers and then 2 day park hoppers
Staying 6 nights off site and 2 nights at Disneyland hotel at the end of our stay.

How does the following sound?

Arrive Monday 10th October
No park day. A day of rest after a 12 hour flight from New Zealand and crossing the date line.
Tuesday 11th October
Disneyland (this is a given in as our first family trip to Disney and want to start where it all started).
Wednesday 12th October
Disneyland (as it's EMH at DCA if it stays the same and I have read that it's best to avoid the park with EMH or MM unless you are taking part).
Thursday 13th October
DCA (as it's MM, EMH at Disneyland if days stay the same).
Also it will be the day DCA closes early of OBB if days stay the same as last year.
Friday 14th October
Disneyland (as it's EMH at DCA if it stays the same)
Saturday 15th October it's our girls 7th Birthday
Disneyland (also if MM comes back on the same days then I will use it here as we have the 5 day park hopper still at play).
Sunday 16th October (check into Disneyland hotel)
DCA (use EMH here if still the same)
Monday 17th
DCA (use EMH here if still the same)
Tuesday 18th
Check out day and a character breakfast/shop before heading home.

We will have the option of lots of down time that is why i have added the Disneyland hotel had the end of trip so we can make the most of the hotel.


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Aug 15, 2017
Kirsty with so much time it really won’t matter. EMH is set to return but I don’t believe they have announced a date yet and no mention of MM as yet that I can see. Just get your park reservations in place as per your plan and if things change, they can be amended if there is availability.


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Aug 21, 2007
We're there pretty much the exact same time 😊

As you've got park hoppers it won't matter that much, once 1pm (or is it 3pm?) passes you'll be able to just go back and forth anyway.

If you're not doing OBB you can head to Disneyland when DCA closes to see some night time entertainment (probably just fantasmic and electrical parade as fireworks don't tend to be on week nights outside of summer).

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