How Do You Arrange for a wheelchair? Help please

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by fostrmom2mny, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. fostrmom2mny

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    May 19, 2000
    Here's the senerio. I have a conference in Orlando and I'm bringing my 82 yr DM, and adult DD to the conference hotel a few days before we all transfer to OKW. They will fly alone, and will need support. Mom will need a wheelchair, and my DD has intelectual disabilities. How and when do I order a wheelchair for my mother, and will she and my DD be seated together on the plane, then "retrieved from the first leg to get them to the next gate? There will be no problems on the return trip, as I'll be with them. I've never had to do this, and mom has never had to use a wheelchair to get to the plane before.

    Thanks for all the help!
  2. jdb in AZ

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    Feb 11, 2011
    When she checks in her luggage at the airport, just ask for a wheel chair with a sky cap (pusher.) The gate attendant can put a note on her reservation that she'll need a wheelchair to get her to the next gate. When they get off the first plane the flight attendant can make sure the wheelchair is actually there. If there's a glitch, he/she can call for another wheelchair. Your mom will need to tip the sky cap about $5. or more each time, depending on how far they have to go.

    You didn't mention what airline you're using but since you're concerned about assigned seats I assume it's Southwest? They preboard all wheelchairs and a companion each, so there should be no problem with them sitting together.

    We had to run(!) from one end of the Dallas airport to the other, and the sky cap was sweating profusely pushing DMIL in a wheelchair -- no easy task. We finally got to the next gate, only to find out we had a good 20 mins to spare. DMIL tipped the guy $20.
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    We got a a wheelchair for my father in law on our last trip. We flew Southwest. I went into their reservation and put the request in as soon as I knew we needed it.

    As soon as we got to the airport and his name was into the system they said they would be right over with a wheelchair (they were). After we were through security we asked for a blue boarding sleeve (to pre-board) for both him and my mother in law. They pre-boarded and got help.

    If they had to switch planes they would have received help getting off the plane and into a wheelchair and could get help to their next gate. If they didn't get another blue sleeve they would ask for it.

    As we got off our plane at the end they had a wheelchair waiting form my father in law and we used it until we were picked up at the airport.

    If there isn't a place to put the request for help on your mom and daughter's reservation than I would call the airline. Make sure they know both of them need assistance.

    I hope you have a great trip!
  4. lost*in*cyberspace

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    I don't advise this. What you should do is check the web site for your airline and look for the information for passengers with special needs/disabilities. This should explain how to request a wheelchair in advance. Or just call the airline if you can't find this information. I would not wait until the day of travel, especially if you have a connecting flight.

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